10th Annual APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash

10th Annual APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash

Aug 10, 2013

The Chicago Summer Bash was held on August 3, 2013, at Rich East High School in Park Forest, Illinois.  There were a large number of lifters with a full flight of bench only and five full flights of full power performing on two platforms.  The meet was organized by APF Illinois Chairman Eric Stone of Right-Fit and Team Stone.

The table and computers were run by Jackie Stone, Amy Jackson and Katie Stadt.  Judges were Ken Stone, Joe Atef, Dick Zenzen, Bruce McCord, Tracy Frein, and Bob Kelly with Eric Stone as an alternate.  A lot of great spotters sent by Rudy Ruettiger (some great catches!).  2XLPowerlifting.com and yours truly maintained simultaneous live video of both platforms plus the complete meet was uploaded (see below).  Erv Domanski of Progressive Sports Performance and Dick Zenzen of Zenzen Barbell provided additional meet and warmup equipment with Bob Fill assisting with setup and teardown.
August 3, 2013: 10th Annual APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash

Platform 1:

Bench Only

Squat – Flights D&E

Bench – Flights D & E

Deadlift – Flights D&E

Platform 2:

Squat – Flights A-C

Bench – Flights A-C

Deadlift – Flights A-C


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