1st bench workout after meets. Max raw bench and bands with 66lbs resistance,yes 66 exactly..

1st bench workout after meets. Max raw bench and bands with 66lbs resistance,yes 66 exactly..

May 13, 2013

66 lbs exactly ?! Do I mean 66%? No I mean pretty damn close to exact. How? I’ll explain later or watch the video for the easy to understand.

Ok 7 days since my last meet,3 lift nationals. 3 weeks since World bench only in Prague. What do I want to do in my first bench workout??? MAX!! Yes I planned on maxing out raw  so I have a barometer of my strength training to compare 12 weeks from now(my off season) . Why max?

  1. I am starting my ATP Extreme and want to guage how it works for me. I am excited for the supplement. I have dropped all my supplements but glucosamine so this should be an straight forward test. With dropping creatine I want to see if I can maintain my raw bench with just ATP Extreme if so then I can’t wait to start training for my next meet!!!
  2. I am really focusing on my raw bench like last cycle where my bench went up 17 lbs and I credit it to my previous off season triceps training.

I get to the gym where I  feel sluggish and tight. I do a few extra warmup sets and add some more stretching time. Goal is max where I take 3 attempts like a meet but no pause. My tie ins have been worked hard in the last month. It is not a meet so I don’t care. When done there I plan on doing a few sets on the bands on the bench to get my 1st cycle going.(my cycle is 4 weeks of the same movements then switching to another set of movements for each body part).

I will detail my offseason workouts(ideologies) in a future article this is the actual workout. Here is the link to the workout.


Here we go:

245 2 sets 5

335 set of 3

Max attempt 1  390

”             ”        2  410

”             ”        3    425

All 3 I put up. Felt alittle heavy but got them. Next band benching.

I set up the bench for bands where I add 66 lbs to each loaded weight at the top of the movement. I know this is 33lbs per side because I measured it. I have a digital scale that tells me the tension in lbs on the bar at the height I start my rep(Watch video for demo). I am not concerned with the weight on my chest I know it is no lighter then what is loaded. I also cycle up the weight on the bar and for this workout I do nothing less then 6 reps.

135 for 8 to get a feel of the movement

185 for 8 reps

250 for 8 reps

295 for 6 reps

I am tired. I am happy I did better then I expected felt full and strong. Satisified .Can’t wait for next week.



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