1st Report for IPF Jr Worlds Prep

1st Report for IPF Jr Worlds Prep

Jun 28, 2013

9 weeks out from IPF Junior Worlds here in Texas, and training is going well. I have some stiff comp out of Russia this year, and winning is more important than ever considering worlds is in my own state, Texas. For the first time, all my friends and family will be able to see me compete on the world stage live, and winning is my only option. The tone set for my training so far has been one of focus and intensity. The efforts I am taking to make sure I am getting the most out of my training, are greater than ever. I am doing all the little things outside of the gym to make sure my body is well recovered and fueled up for another training session. The battle taking place on the platform on September 1st is happening now, and every day in the weight room is a competition for me. All I think about during my training is my opponent, and though I do not know how hard he may or may not be training, I am making sure he will not be out training me. I am training in a great hardcore gym in League City, Texas by the name of The Warehouse Gym, and the training sessions have been grueling in the south Texas heat and Houston humidity, but it is definitely making me a better lifter.

In the past I have usually not made any efforts towards my “out of gym” endeavors, however this training cycle things have been rather different. Since the conclusion of Collegiate Nationals in April, I have been eating like it is my job. With some help from the nutritionist at the Fitness Institute of Texas, a plan was put together in the early spring to make me a bigger and stronger individual while remaining in my weight class. Things are going right on schedule and my body weight is right where we want it.

Preston Turner Bench Press

I am looking forward to a great meet. I have some big goals in mind and have a great team of people supporting me to help me achieve them. There are some big things in store, and I am really looking forward to putting up a really big total on the biggest stage of the year. I will be checking in periodically, so stay tuned into ironauthority.com for updates on my training. While you are there, be sure to check out some of the other logs by fellow iron authority berserkers for great training tips and logs.


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