2.5 Weeks to AAPF Nationals – Random Thoughts

2.5 Weeks to AAPF Nationals – Random Thoughts

Apr 11, 2013


Busy time for business and technical writing… oh, and training for the AAPF Nationals in Grand Rapids.  Planning on visiting another gym this weekend – just a visit – to talk shop with Ernie Frantz, then evening squat training which will be the last heavy day before the competition.

Also, ended up driving down to St Louis and back last Monday (sorry Brady, couldn’t stop – literally 5 hours down, 45 minutes of work, 5 hours back!).  Wow!  The bugs are already out!  An hour each way and I couldn’t see out the windshield for all the bug splatter!  (protein?)  Now, there’s a topic for Berserker Strength Radio!

Allergy season seems to be playing havoc with energy levels, eyes itchy and I’m acting like a real son of a … well, you get the idea.  However, did get in a great deadlift session with some more returning lifters!  More Master lifters!!

I suppose one thing that is interesting is the swing back towards RAW that I have been seeing.  Of course, it is right after I decided to dedicate to equipped lifting.  However, I have no intent on looking back!  I am really enjoying learning the technical side to the sport!

Yep, also decided that I would do something crazy – again – or, as usual – in that I have pulled out the Ace Bencher again to give it another go tomorrow night.  I’ve learned that a really loose shirt (even rolling the sleeves so that they only cover half my upper arm, I can still stick my fingers under) can hurt.  Don’t get me wrong, I am lifting heavier as it is giving me a little kick off the chest – but above a 1.5 board I may as well be raw!  Besides – I have goals and I am still waiting on my custom gear (Overkill, of course) that should be finished for fitting any time.

Also, waiting on the combined Leg Press/Hack Squat I’ve purchased from Legend Fitness for my crew.  I have always been really strong with the leg press – but if I do it and then deadlift or squat, I find that it hurts my knees (they get tight).  On the other hand, the hack squat helps me where I am weak – hamstrings and glutes, while the leg press will help some of the team with their quads.  The particular system I selected was so that we had the ability to put 26 x45lb plates on the bars, yet the sled is light enough for some of the kids who will use it in the Raise the Bar programs run at Right-Fit (http://right-fit.com/) where Team Stone trains.  Pretty excited about this addition!  (If I want some real weight I’ll hop up to the Monster Garage Gym and show them how to use that EliteFTS leg press they bought!  🙂  ) – now, when I get comments on Facebook from a few of the Iron Disciples, I will know they are actually reading this!

Enough rambling for this evening!  Going to go and do the recuperation side of my training now… that’s right – review reports for work!  Yay!


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  1. Amy Baehr /

    Master lifters rock, don’t they? 🙂

  2. Russ /

    Man, oh man. Them are words that hurt Doc! It’s cool though, whatever convinces you to go up to MGG. 😉

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