2 weeks out from Raw Nats and new trick for this damn heat!

2 weeks out from Raw Nats and new trick for this damn heat!

Jul 5, 2013

So the heat started last week and it hasn’t stopped. 94,89,100,98. Just none stop.  As an athlete this is killer unless you train in it all the time. I started drinking more water and bananas  to help but it was a no go. So I started with the Vitamin waters. This was a little better but still not quite there. I posted up what was happening to me on my facebook Business group where I have lots of great athletes and coaches on it. We all share our knowledge/ little tricks that we have learned along the way. On a side note, if you can’t take advice from someone, then your missing out and just plain dumb. You just have to be smart enough to  weed out the bad advice and do your own research. So I had a few responses and private messages, some stuff I knew but for some reason forgot and some stuff I never heard of. One of the responses was from Matt Gary and Sioux-Z (by the way she is a 20x National Champ and Matt Is an Awesome Coach with tons of knowledge not to mention over a 600lbs DL.). . They told me to try Emergen-C. This made me wonder how it would work cause I already take 2000mg of vit C everyday.  So I took a look at the ingredients and there is a ton of great stuff in it. I love learning new tricks like this and now I can share it with all of you. After I give it a try I will let everyone know how it works. If it works like I think it will, then I will be back to my old self in no time.

Now onto the training


  1. 455X1
  2. 495X1
  3. 525X1 *** I wanted 545@9 today but my back is still not quite healed up. I decided to play it safe and just drop it 20lbs.
  4. RVB 525X2
  5. RVB 555X1
  6. RVB 425X6


  1. 150X10
  2. 150X10
  3. 150X10


  1. BW+35X10
  2. BW+35X10
  3. BW+35X10


  1. +ankle weights x10
  2. +ankle weights x10
  3. +ankle weights x10

I can’t wait until Monday to squat. This will be my last heavy squat day before the meet. If I want a 1600 total, I really have to set the pace with my squat cause as you all know I am not Mr. KING DEADLIFT. Since I am not able to deadlift what my competitors do, It just makes me even more hungry. I hate knowing there are people stronger than me. Especially when I see them do the same numbers over and over, never getting better. Good! stay the same because with every meet you stay the same I improve. My Prs will eventually be good enough to crush everyone! I promised myself and my Mother when I was a little kid that I would be the strongest man in the world one day and I dont plan on breaking that promise. My journey will be hard but I dont care. I have permanent scars on my shins from deadlift. I have broken my back and kept moving forward. I look forward to the bar ripping the skin off my back every week during squat. My VIKING ancestors blood runs through my veins and I will not let them down! I WILL NOT BE THE FIRST TO FAIL!!! They didn’t stop at anything while conquering this planet and neither will I.



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