2 Weeks Out IPF BP Worlds

2 Weeks Out IPF BP Worlds

May 11, 2013

Monday Equipped Bench Pressing

x5x1, at an average of 700lbs

655 x1, touch set.

All were at or less than an inch from touching.  Not bad.  Not great.

Pulldowns x4x12


Wednesday Raw Bench Pressing – SOLO

Close Grip Bench Press
455 x5

Wide Grip Bench Press
420 x10, almost didn’t get the 10th.  Took everything I had to push out the last rep.

Not bad considering that I didn’t have a handoff.  Felt really out of it this day.

Military Press
75s x2x12, cut them short and did not do the normal 4 sets.  Feeling tired at this point and not with it.

Helped out Josh’s Equipped Bench Pressing.  He is looking good.

I only have one shirted training day left.  Hopefully all goes very well.  Going to test and hopefully hit a few competition sets.  I am glad how things are progressing and am getting excited about another world championships.  Very blessed and happy to be going.  If I can replicate or better my last performance, I’ll be hard to beat.  Wish me luck!


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