2012 Bench Press Nationals

2012 Bench Press Nationals

Sep 3, 2012

Its been a while since I’ve posted last.  As some or none of you know, I placed 3rd in my weight class.  Here were the results

James Hunter: 310k / 683lbs
Jeff Snyder: 310k / 683lbs
Brady Stewart: 305k / 672lbs

So it was a very close call.  I knew that I would need 694lbs for the win before the contest even started so I was mentally ready to give it a go.  My warmups looked like this.

Bar x2x10
135 x2x10
225 x2x3
315 x3
405 x3
495 x2
570 x1
615 x1…1 board .  This wasn’t a very crisp rep like it would have been in training, so Dana and I decided to drop the opener to 650.

Here were my attempts and the thoughts on them.

1.  295k / 650lbs MISSED. I brought the bar down to the chest, got a quick press command, and the weight flew up and back over my head about 2 inches off the chest.  This had never happened in training.  I was perplexed, but knew that I had to get my head out of my ass.  That attempt was over, and it was on to the next attempt.  At this point Dana asked what I wanted for my second.  I came to win this thing and I wanted to put some distance between me and the others, so I told him 305k / 672lbs.

2. 305k / 672lbs MADE IT.  I had to do some soul searching after that first attempt.  I rarely miss openers.  Especially ones that light.  The bar path wasn’t too bad, but not great.  The weight didn’t feel heavy in my hands at all which was a good sign, but something was just off.  Jeff made his attempt at 683lbs and was lighter than me, and his 3rd attempt was put in at 315k / 694lbs.  I had to put my third in to match his lift (I had a higher lot number).  So if I needed to increase my 3rd, I could if Jeff made 694lbs.

3.  315k / 694lbs MISSED.  The bar came down decently, got a good press command, and missed the rep about 2/3 of the way up.  My right arm lagging and smashing my pinky finger into the rack (which still hurts today).  There is no bruising or broken digits, so I’ll be good.  Then there was this big sigh of relief that it was over and done.  I didn’t feel angry, sorry, sad, depressed, just a little disappointed.  But, overall glad I got a big lift in.

I did learn quite a bit.  I planned a 12 week training cycle for this competition which was probably a little too long.  I may cut this down to 6-8 weeks.  Just so my body is rested and doesn’t get too beat up…which it did towards the end.  My left shoulder at times feels like a sharp pain shooting through it.  It really hurts at lockout, but especially hurts as I rack the bar.

Another item of interest is my diet.  Training was going extremely well when I was eating very healthy.  About a month out from nationals, my diet suffered and I was starting to eat crap.  For the future, I need to make sure that I am properly fueled so I can train with the intensity and volume that I need.

Mentally, I wasn’t there like I had been at previous competitions.  I usually like to focus on the competition and think about what I need to do, how I need to go about it, and how to execute my plan.  I seemed to be more focused on where my next meal was going to be.  Pathetic.  I am better than that and won’t ever let that happen again.  Before most competitions I feel like a bomb about to go off.  For this one, I didn’t feel that at all.

I did let my weight creep up a little for nationals and I did have to lose a couple pounds.  I did eat, but probably not so optimally.  I need to lean up some.

My last training day in a shirt probably threw me off also.  I put one of my older competition shirts on for my last shirt day and it really did well, so well I thought that I should use it for the contest.  However, I did most of my training in a different shirt of similar size.  Looking back, I should have used the shirt that I felt most comfortable in and did the most work in.  That won’t happen again.

I never feel that I deserve to win.  I feel that winning is earned.  3rd place is what I earned that day.  I wasn’t good enough for 1st.  Sure, I was damn close, but I wasn’t good enough on that day.  There will always be another nationals, but I gotta focus on the next event.  It is the 4th FE.SU.PO. / NAPF Pan-American Bench Press Championships held in Denver, CO.

I am hoping that one of my training partners, Shaun Bales gets selected to go.  He will do very well.

In the meantime, I have taken the last week off from training and will also take this entire week off from training.  I need a rest/break, so I am taking a short one.  I plan on training starting next monday, but if it doesn’t feel right on the shoulder, I may take it ridiculously light, or not train for that week as well.  Its all about longevity.  I don’t want to hurt myself to the point where I can’t train.

However, for the 4th FE.SU.PO. / NAPF Pan-American Bench Press Championships, I’ll be using a tighter shirt and may go for the 120k / 264lbs IPF World Record.  I’ve hit it before in training, just have to put it together in a competition.  Wish me luck!

So for those of you who believed in me, thank you.  You all mean a lot to me and thanks for your support.  Enjoy some of the pictures below.



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