2012 Illinois State

2012 Illinois State

May 21, 2012

Saturday May 19th was the Illinois State Powerlifting Championships.

I decided to compete after not making the US World Bench Press Team.  I was the first alternate.

It was a smaller than usual competition with only 30 lifters competing.  Years past had upwards of 100 lifters.

I was encouraged to bring my Iron Authority Merchandise and sell what I could, and we did.  I think that the competition gave us a little more visibility than before.  Competitions are something that I am going to have to frequent to get our image/name out there.

Weigh ins were at 8am, and the competition started at 10am.  I weighed exactly at 120k, which is the IPF weight class limit for my international weight class.  However, since this was a USAPL competition, I did compete at this state meet in the 125K class.

Warmups felt pretty good.  The bar felt really light which is always a good sign.  I can tell by how the bar feels on my body how things are going to go.  I know that sounds kind of funny it weighing only 44lbs, but I guess I am that in tune with the way my body feels that I can tell right from the start.

The warmup situation wasn’t too great.  All we had were 4×8 plyboards.  So we had to jerry rig them to accommodate the equipment in the warmup room for safety.  It was a bit sketchy for my warmups handling heavy weights.  So I played it extra safe.

My attempts were pretty much set in stone before I showed up.  I knew that I wanted to gain some momentum during the competition, so I started light and opened with 295k/650lbs.  It was a little difficult to touch, but I did and pressed it out normally.  When I say normally, I mean grinded out.  The second attempt was 310k/683lbs and it looked very similar to the first.  I was glad that it pressed out so well.  On the final attempt, I chose to take 325.5k/717lbs for the new American Record, but it just wasn’t there.  I did manage to lock out my left arm ahead of my right, and at that point it was over, my hips came off the bench and things got ugly.  I did give it a really good ride though.  Most people were impressed at how I muscled it up.

Here’s the video of my 717lbs bench press attempt!

I didn’t quite set up my feet properly and I think that’s where I lost it, but oh well.  I wasn’t 100% there psychologically either, but nothing is ever going to be perfect at competitions…you just kind of roll with the punches.

We as lifters need to realize very quickly that we don’t DESERVE to lift a certain amount.  What we lift in competition is what we’ve EARNED!  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, reflect, pick up the pieces, and move forward.

I assure you that at some point this year, I’ll press 700+ officially.  I have no fear of it and I will hopefully be the lightest man in the country to ever press 700lbs.

Who knows maybe later in the year I’ll get to attempt the World Record.  I’d really like to try that…which is currently 716lbs!  So I am right there!

Scott Baquet did another great job coaching me.  When he coaches, I always bench big.  We need to get him in a contest soon so I can coach him for a change!  Thanks Scott for everything!

Other lifters did really well.  Tim Hobby, Ryan Gerhart, Shane Hopkins, Craig Lynch, Curt MacDonald, Matt Miller, Chance Franklin, Chris Thacker, and the PowerBody Gym guys all did a great job!  If I left anyone out I apologize…

Now all that is on my mind is the USA Bench Press Nationals, winning a national OPEN title, qualifying the 2013 World Championships, and bring home a Gold Medal.  At least that is the plan…



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