2013 IPF Worlds Prep Recap

2013 IPF Worlds Prep Recap

Aug 24, 2013

Well, here we are. The week of the 2013 IPF Junior/Sub Junior world championships. This will be my fourth consecutive year representing the red, white, and blue and I am hoping to obtain my 3rd world title under my belt. As I have previously mentioned, this meet is on my home Texas soil, and the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event at home will not come again for a very long time. That said, there is an immense amount of pressure to win this thing in front of many friends, family, and supporters that will be in attendance. Lucky for me, preparation for a meet has never gone so good.

Yesterday concluded the end of my training for this meet, and in comparison to other years of training, my preparation has never been better. I was hitting weights in the gym for reps that I had never come close to in the past. My last training session at Metroflex Gym in San Marcos, TX was strong and encouraging, despite the relentless Texas heat in the hardcore environment. My body weight is right where I need it, if not a little too light, and although very anxious and pretty nervous, I am ready to do this thing.

This will be the stiffest competition yet, with 2 very strong lifters out of Russia (Aleksei Fokin and Ivan Goryachev). Both of these lifters are coming in with 985kg (2171lbs) totals on the nominations, just 5kgs (11lbs) behind my 990.5kg (2183) world championship total from last year. No doubt I have made gains since last year’s world championship in Sczyrk, Poland, but this is going to be a very close meet. Most likely the conclusion of the meet will result in all three of us totaling over the 1000kg miletsone.


Fellow University of Texas lifters Mario Leos, Ian Bell, and I will be setting out to Killeen, TX tomorrow! The lifting will be streamed live here all week long. Tune in at 1:00pm CT on Sunday, September, 1st. Also, you can check out Iron Authority athlete Ian Bell lift on Friday, August 30th at 2:30pm CT.


Here is an analysis by powerlifting1.com on this next week of lifting


I want to give a big thank you to all my sponsors for this meet.

Inzer Advanced Designs

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and of course….Iron Authority Inc.

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