2013 Maryland States Meet Report

2013 Maryland States Meet Report

Dec 3, 2013

The 2013 Maryland States were held on 23-24 November this year.  Over those 2 days,  94 lifters came out to compete.

Deload week:

We did things a little different this time around.  I never like to stop lifting completely because I end up feeling soft of stiff and rusty when I get to the meet but we’ve always kept things very, very light.  This time we went a bit heavier.

Tuesday we worked up to 3 single squats with commands at 315lbs and single bench with commands at 195, 200 and 205.

Thursday was 3 x 5 squat at 135lbs and 3 x 5 bench at 95lbs.  Then there was lots of mobility and stretching.

I also normally try to keep my stress pretty low the week before the meet.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this time.  By Thursday night I was a little tighter wound than I wanted to be before a meet.  So we decided the only thing to do was go for drinks, dinner and karaoke after the gym.  And then this happened……


Behold! The Ship Wreck Burger

The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  In case you can’t tell what all that is, the Ship Wrech Burger is a half pound cheeseburger, a fried egg and 2 onion rings between 2 grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.  With a side of fries.   My first question to the waiter was “How the hell am I supposed to eat that?”  His answer?  “It smooshes.”  I feel vaguely guilty about this and I realize it re-enforces some unfortunate stereotypes about powerlifters and their dietary habits.  But it was glorious.  And between this, a couple of nice strong drinks and some good karaoke, I felt much more relaxed by the time I went home.


The Meet:

A little bit before we get into the actual meet……  There was a lot of discussion the week before the meet about what my attempts would look like.  The really aggressive approach I took at Nationals this year clearly wasn’t working.  But hip nonsense aside, I felt really good going into the meet.  There’s also something to be said for the advantages of doing a meet that’s local to you.  The venue was 20 minutes from my house and I’ve lifted there before so I knew pretty well how everything would be set up.  There’s no travel stress.  No sleeping in a strange hotel room with weird noises and beds that are too hard/too soft/don’t have enough pillows/lack cats and dogs/whatever.  Basically, my pre-meet morning routine could be just like my pre-Saturday morning training routine (except that it started much earlier.)  It’s also a pretty low stress meet since it doesn’t qualify me for anything else.  If there’s a meet to get a little aggressive at, this is going to be the one.  So we took a kind of middle of the road approach.  More aggressive then I would be at a higher level meet but not as crazy as I would have liked to have gotten (like taking another whack at the 192.5 kg/424.3lb squat that I missed at Nats.)


I don’t think I’m ever going to not feel nauseous before I squat.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first lift of the day or that it’s the most weight I’m ever likely to have sitting on top of me (until next time) but it always happens.

1st attempts:  172.5 Kg Squat

There’s something really satisfying about being the last person in you flight and smoking your opener.  This might be the best an opener has ever felt.

2nd attempt:  182.5 Kg Squat

My second attempt also felt really good.  It tied my previous meet PR and felt the easiest that weight ever has.

3rd attempt:  190 Kg Squat (Maryland State Record and PR!)

Woohoo!  It felt great.  Even walking it out didn’t feel especially heavy.  There wasn’t ever even a moment when I thought it wasn’t going to work.  And I have no doubt in my mind there’s more in there.


My bench felt really good warming up.  Everything felt smooth and normal and I was really looking forward to seeing how things went.

1st attempt:  87.5 Kg Bench

I had a bit of weird getting ready for my first bench because I mis-heard when they announced the order of the lifters and thought I was still 1 lifter out when they called me to the platform.  It threw me off a little bit and I ended up rushing my set-up (damn timer) so it was a bit shaky but still felt strong.

2nd attempt:  92.5 Kg Bench

The second attmept felt much more stable and less rushed.

3rd attempt:  97.5 Kg Bench (Maryland State Record and Meet PR)

Looking at the video, I kind of wish I’d called for more weight even though I’m sure this was totally the right thing to do.  Just like my squat I’m sure there’s more there.  Next time.


I had a couple of thoughts going through my head as we got ready for the deadlift.  Mostly, I was hoping that my hip would hold up for just a bit longer.  It got a bit tight as I waited around after bench but it seemed to loosen up pretty well during my warm ups.  We were starting pretty light so I knew I’d get a total but I also knew I needed to get to around 400lbs if I wanted to total my PR.  Other than that, I was trying to get myself amped back up as I was coming down from the caffeine.

1st attempt:  170 Kg Dead Lift

The first attempt felt great so we made the planned jump.  At this point I also realized that the floor was getting really, really cold and I could feel it through my deadlift slippers.  This made me not happy.  But there wasn’t really anywhere to stand that was in/near the waiting area where there wasn’t just bare concrete floor.

2nd attempt:  180 Kg Dead Lift

The second attempt felt really good as well so we were pretty confident going into my third attempt and were looking to set a good PR on my 3rd……

3rd attempt:  187.5 Kg Dead Lift

…..but I missed it.  I think it was just a little bit too heavy with my hip not being 100%.  I just couldn’t get my hips to come through which was what I had seen in training as things got heavy or I got fatigued.

My final total was 467.5 Kg (1030.7lbs) which was also a new Maryland State Record and a PR.

Here are the full meet results for anyone interested.

On the whole, I’m pretty happy with how the meet went.  It wasn’t perfect (and if I ever have a perfect meet, I might actually die of shock) but it went really well.  Especially considering I went into it with a hip that can only be described as sketchy.

And the meet itself was fun.  There was so much good energy around.  People helping each other in the warm up area.  Everyone joking and talking smack while waiting for their attempts.  Cheering each other on and excited to make new PRs.    So many young lifters doing cool thinks (like setting American records.)  And the masters liftings showing us that we can keep lifting forever.   All of this is what makes powerlifting so awesome.  I continue to be amazed and grateful that I stumbled into this sport and get to meet so many great people and see so many amazing things.

As usual, I have a lot of people to thank for a great meet.

Thanks to:

Iron Authority and all my teammates for all support and encouragement.

Crossfit Diesel and Evan Davidson for hosting the State meet again this year and to all the volunteers that helped out over the weekend (especially the spotters who kept us all safe)

Crossfit BWI for giving me a place to train and everyone there who’s trained with me, cheered me on and/or called me on my crap.

Coach Ryan for doing all the hard work putting together my programming, keeping me (mostly) out of trouble and giving up his time to keep me straight at meets.

Matt Gary for all the advice on form and attempt selection.

Christine and Jared for coming out and lifting with me.  Meets are always more fun when you have people you know to lift with.

Pete, Brittany, Jayme, Derek, Nikki, Paul, DJay and Maureen for coming out to cheer me on.

Michelle for and playing videographer and keeping everyone updated on my progress.  She’s the reason there are videos of my lifts and that my phone battery lasted all day (because if I’d had control of my phone, the battery never would have made it.)

And last but not least….  My husband for sacrificing some of his time with me so that I can train for something I love not quite as much as him.

So what now?  Well……

The Arnolds are only about 12 weeks away.

We’ve already started looking at the next training cycle and making plans.  I’ve actually already been back in the gym working on some recovery from the meet.  But becuase of all the weird in my hip, it looks like I’ll be taking the next 2-3 weeks off from deadlifting to try and give it a chance to heal.  I don’t want to but I know it’s the right answer and taking a little bit of time now will totally be worth it later.  And there’s a bunch of other stuff I can work on in the meantime so I shouldn’t get too bored.

On to the Arnolds!


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