2013 MD States Week 1 Training – Serendipity and Prowler Flu

2013 MD States Week 1 Training – Serendipity and Prowler Flu

Aug 20, 2013

This was my first week back on a regular program.  It feels good to have a really specific direction again.  Or at least mostly specific.  Which has led to more decision making on my part (always dangerous).  But this decision had a little bit of serendipity involved.

After leaving the gym on Tuesday night, I realized that I started my working weights too low.  This bummed me out.  But it also made me realize that I wasn’t quite ready to jump back into the program.  On Wednesday I found out that Maryland States would most likely be on November 23rd with a small chance of it being on the 16th.  This left me 15 weeks (or possibly 14) to train for it.  My current program is 10 weeks with the last week being a deload the week of the meet.  I’ve been kicking around decreasing all of my weights a bit (like 5%) and adding another 3 week wave to the program to take up some of that time and kind of ease myself back in.  Then I went back and looked at my squat from Tuesday and realized that the weight I started at was almost exactly 5% less than it should have been (76% of my working max instead of 80%.)  Clearly the universe was trying to tell me something.  Or I just can’t read.  Whatever.


Tuesday started off with my first acupuncture appointment since I’ve been back from Nats.  Stuff has been feeling generally pretty good so this was more of a tune up than anything.  I did have a pretty nasty knot in my back (Not from lifting.  From the cat throwing me off my pillow in the middle of the night.) so we tried some cupping to get rid of it.  It worked great but my back now looks like I got into a fight with a very large, very angry octopus and lost.  Badly.


Squats were 6 x 2 starting at 315 (becuase of my mistake) and working up to 345.  Only my second set was a 10lb jump.  Everything else was 5lbs.

Next there were single leg squats for 3 x 10 at 45, 55 and 60lbs.  I’d like to believe that I’m getting better at these but I’m not really sure that would be true.

METCON:  3 rounds of 10 good mornings (95, 105, 115lbs), max hold planks (45s, 61s, 46s) and 15 ring rows.  Yep, planks are still boring.  They are at least more tolerable when you aren’t already irritated about how your squats went.


I finally made it to the gym on Wednesday.  I probably should have figured that the first time back pushing the prowler would be bad but I didn’t think it would be that bad.  So I pulled the sled out, dropped a couple of 45’s on it and got to work on my 10 x 30m.  The first set felt slow and a little heavier than I expecte.  I told myself that they would get faster and feel better as I warmed up.  I was half right.  They got faster.  They didn’t feel any better though.  I was supposed to take 2-3 minutes of rest between sets but it seemed like a bit too long.  So the first 7 sets only had 1:30 rest.   And that’s when the prowler flu started to set in.  “What’s prowler flu?” you ask.

                 Prowler Flu: [n] A disease contracted by pushing a weighed sled (a prowler) as quickly as possible.  It is characterized by the rapid onset of symptoms such as severe body aches, fatigue, shaking, dizziness, nausea or vomitting, shortness of breath and in colder weather, a hacking cough that may last several hours.  Under no circumstances should prowler flu be treated by collapsing to the ground in the fetal position as this will prolong symptoms and may cause death.

I finished the last 3 sets with 2-ish minutes of rest between them and a lot of negotiating with myself.  It’s been a long time since I considered puking so seriously.  I had to take two laps around the building before I was convinced that I would be able to drive home without something cramping up and causing a car accident.  Of course you know what this means……  It means in need more prowler in my life.



At around 3pm, my work day went to hell in a handbasket.  Other peoples’ stupidity combined with just plain old bad luck and as a result, I didn’t leave work until 5:50 even though I was supposed to be at the gym by 5.  Thanks to rush hour traffic, I didn’t get there until a little after 6 and still needed to change clothes before I could get to work.  This means that my training got basically cut in half.

Bench was 10 x 3 with 1 min of rest between sets.  Started at 115lbs and worked up to 160lbs in 5lb increments.

Press was 4 x 6 at 100lbs

Floor Press was 3 x 10 at 95, 115 and 125

And that was all I had time for.  I told myself that maybe I’d get some of the assistance stuff done on Saturday but that never really happened.


Deadlift on Saturday was a single set at 265 for at least 10 reps but as many as possible.  I completely let go of the bar and reset myself about every 3 reps to try and make sure that my form didn’t go to hell.  I got 16 reps and feel like strength wise there were probably a few more but I was starting to get too short of breath to really focus on my form.

Front squat was 6 x 3 at 170lbs and then one set of 3+.  Last time I did this I got 6.  This time I got 8.

Then 3 x 8-2 Snatch Grip Deadlift.  I like theses a lot more now that I’ve gotten used to the straps and movement feels more natural.  These went 185 (8), 225 (6), 315 (2).  I wanted a third at 315 but my upper back was just done.

Finally 3 rounds of 8 chin-ups, 15 DB rows (50lbs) and 20 weighted sit-ups (35lbs).  As I was setting up all the bands (and I do mean all the bands) for my chin-ups, I hear “Are you actually getting any better doing those that way?”  The answer to that is No, I’m not.  What followed was a discussion about some alternatives for working up to an actual chin-up and learning new things that suck.  Instead of banded chin-ups, I ended up with seated chin-ups on the rings.  So basically you’re still pulling yourself up as you would for a pull up but since your feet stay on the ground, you aren’t lifting your whole body weight.


Just yoga.  It rained off and on all day so we decided not to take the bikes out.  I know I said last week that it would probably be good to decrease the mileage a bit but this isn’t really what I had in mind.  On the upside, this meant I got to take a nap so at least I got something productive done with the extra free time.

Sleeping Shai


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