2013 MD States Week 10 Training- Taking the Good with the OW!

2013 MD States Week 10 Training- Taking the Good with the OW!

Oct 23, 2013

Thing have been going really well lately and I’m very, very thankful for that.  But this week I got reminded that no matter how well things are going, some weeks are just going to be painful…….


This was my first day of heavy singles for squat and I was pretty stoked about it.  My planned singles were 375, 390, 400 and a bonus single at 410 if everything was going good.  The intention wasn’t to work up to a 1RM but based on the programming we were pretty sure I could hit the 410 without it crushing me.  The warm up felt great.  Everything felt light and all of my reps were fast and smooth.  375 was a little sticky but OK.  390 was better than 375.  400 was slower than 390 but still smooth and it didn’t feel crazy heavy when I unracked it.  You know, heavy in a way that makes your brain panic a little bit and your first coherent thought is “Whoa!  What the hell am I doing?”  None of that.  And then I stepped forward to rack the bar and something pulled in my right knee.

It was uncomfortable and a little tight but it didn’t really hurt.  I had full range of motion, no swellling, no instability in the joint so I figured we’d give 410 a go anyway. (**Disclaimer**This is where knowing your body is important.  I made an assessment on what I thought was going on with my body and continued to train.  Everyone has to make this type of decision for themselves on a case by case basis.  If it turns out later that I actually did do some kind of real damage to my knee, this decision doesn’t make me hard or tough or any of the other bullshit words people throw around.  It makes me dumb.)

So we loaded up the bar and I took my rest.  Did a little walking around and a couple of air squats to feel stuff out.  Set up for the squat as usual, got tentative on the decent, bottomed out a bit, double bounced trying to get out the hole and realized I wasn’t going anywhere without help from my spotters.  And that was that.  More than anything I think knowing my knee was weird screwed with my head too much.

I’m telling myself that I’m OK with missing the 410 but I’m kind of not.  And I’m a little bit freaked out since we’re getting close to States.    I’m trying to let it go.  I’ll let you know how that works out for me……….

After this, I kept the 3 x 10 good mornings really light at 95, 115 and 135.  I could feel the pulling when I sat back and bent my knee a bit at the bottom of the movment but still it wasn’t painful.

Finished out the day with 3 sets of 10 back extensions, 15 knees to elbows and 20 steps of walking lunges.  The lunges actually made my knee feel better as I went through the sets.

Went home and slapped some arnica gel on my knee and quad (because my trigger point app says there’s quad stuff that refers weird into the knee) and hoped for the best………


Left work on Thursday and saw this over my car…..


…….And decided this was a sign that it was going to be a good day to bench.

I took a little extra time to warm up on Thursday and paid a bit more attention to my knee since I wasn’t sure how it would feel when I benched.  Bench for the day was 5 x 2 with one minute rest and sets were at 145, 160, 175, 185 and 195.  My first rep at 195 got a little weird and I basically ended up losing most of the tention and resting it on my chest for a second so it was a little ugly coming back up but it went.  The second one felt much better.

Press was 3 x 5 at 115.  The first set felt pretty good.  The last one was a little rough.  I came down for the very last rep and the bar got a little bit out in front.  I should have taken a second to reset the bar before trying for the last rep.  But I didn’t.  So it got to about my eyes before it died a horrible, painful death.  But since I was sure that was the only reason I failed the rep, I brought it back down to my shoulders, made sure I had a good set-up like I should have the first time and finished the rep with minimal drama.  This makes me pretty damn excited too since that means I get to do my last 1RM (from over a year ago but still) for sets next week.

Finished out the day with 3 x 15 dumbbell bench (30, 35, 35), 3 x 10 glute ham sit-ups and 3 sets of dips for as many reps as possible.  I hate dips.  I should be better at them and I know this but they just feel really, really awkward.  In the end, I got 3, 2…….. and a half.  I tried twice to get a whole rep on the last set but I just couldn’t make it stick.


Heavy-ish deadlift for reps.  It was just a 1 x 2 + but at 345lbs it’s the heaviest plus set I’ve ever done.  For some reason, all morning before I headed out to the gym I kept thinking about the first time a pulled 315 for 3 and what a big deal it was at the time.  I think somewhere there’s a picture of me sitting on the weights on the right side of the bar with a big, stupid grin on my face when I was done.

So I went in with the goal of getting at least 5 since I’ve never done that many reps at 345.  I got 6.  After I put the bar down there was a small part of my brain screaming “DO ANOTHER ONE!  GO FOR 7!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!”  I’m pretty sure that part of my brain would have benefitted from a healthy dose of Ritalin because all the rest of me was like “NO!!” and “Ooohhhhhh, look at all the pretty stars……..”  I decided to sit down and put my lifting shoes on before I unloaded the bar.

Front squats were the first day of 8s.  So 4 x 8 and an 8+ at 155.  I was a little worried about how the knee would take these but it had actually been feeling pretty good so I just figured I’d warm them up and see how it went.  My right knee was a little tight when I started but by the time I hit my last warm up set at 135 it was feeling pretty good.  So I got through all 4 sets of 8 and the final set of 12.

Moved on to deficit snatch grip deadlifts for 3 x 5 at 185, 225 and 275.  After the first set, I didn’t think the 2″ or so deficit was going to be a big deal.  By the time I finished my set at 275, I’d changed my mind.

So much harder to keep my chest up on these than I thought they would be.

So much harder to keep my chest up on these than I thought they would be.

Ended the day with 3 rounds of 10 barbell shrugs (225, 275 and 305) and 15 weighted sit-ups at 24kg (I’ve had to change from dumbbells to kettlebells because the dumbbells are  getting too big to hold comfortably on my chest.) Then 3 sets of ring rows for as many reps as possible (12, 14, 12.)  As I cleaned up my stuff between sets of ring rows, I discovered they new jerk boxes have a taste for flesh.  I made sure to keep my fingers out of the way but still managed to pinch the heel of my thumb.  Profanity ensued.  It also made my last set of ring rows feel pretty crappy.


Seems the new jerk boxes have a taste for human flesh…….

And what I’d really like to know is why I keep picking up injuries 4-5 weeks out from meets.  So far they’ve all been pretty minor (excuse me while I go find some wood to knock on…..) Nothing that stops me from training or competing but just bad enough to make me worry.  Hopefully, this will be the last of it.


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