2013 MD States Week 11 Training- Caffeine, Rage and Being Irresponsible

2013 MD States Week 11 Training- Caffeine, Rage and Being Irresponsible

Oct 30, 2013

It’s been an interesting week.  I’ve had a lot of frustration at work.  And when I say frustration, I mean the almost uncontrollable urge to grab a co-worker and shake them until they come to their senses and stop screwing up my projects.  This means that by the time I got to the gym, I was good and wound up.


Off to my massage appointment.  I mentioned my knee issue from last week and almost immediately regretted it.  If you’ve never had anyone massaging basically under your knee cap,  it’s a weird, weird feeling.  I couldn’t decide if I should laugh like it tickled (which it kind of did) or beg her to stop because it hurt.   And while she isn’t a doctor, she agreed with my assessment that there didn’t seem to be anything that felt really wrong.  Just some minor strain and some waste in the ligaments that needed to be worked out.


So I hit the gym on Tuesday all hopped up on caffeine and rage ready to do some damage and prove (at least to myself) that there wasn’t anything wrong with my knee.

5 x 2 with 1 minute of rest for 295, 315, 335, 350 and 360lbs.  And they all felt good.  The knee was a little stiff through my warm-ups but it felt completely normal by the time I got to my working sets.

Assistance for the day was 3 sets of  heavy walking lunges for 12 steps (40, 50 x 2), 3 rounds of 12 glute ham raises and 12 weighted GHD sit ups (10lbs), and then 3 sets of 15 reverse flys (15lbs.)  Note to self:  Glute ham raises and GHD sit-ups done back to back are a horrible idea.  Really, really horrible.


I was in a pretty similar mindset as Tuesday when I hit the gym on Thursday for my last rep day for bench.  So 1 x 2+ at 175lbs.  I wanted at least 6 because I don’t think I’ve ever done more than 3 at this weight and everything about my bench has been feeling so good.  At 7, I grazed the brackets on the rack on the way up.  I tried to reset my shoulders a bit and pull myself back down the bench before I started 8.  But apparently it didn’t work.  8 bounced off the bottom of the brackets and settled on my chest.  Annoying as it is, I know I would have had eight if it hadn’t happened and maybe even 9 becuase everything was still feeling really strong.

It's a little tiny bracket.  Why does it always end up being in my way?

It’s a little tiny bracket. Why does it always end up being in my way?

Moved on to my 3 x 5 press at 120.  First set felt great.  The last rep of the second set was ugly but it went.  Started my last set and got to 4………  And that was it.  I tried twice to push the 5th rep but I couldn’t get it up past my nose.  Damnit!!  Racked the bar, shook out my arms, got a drink and then did the last rep as a single just out of pure contrariness.  So we get to try all of this again next week before we make any decisions on how/if we’re going to deload my press.

Next were dumbbell flys for 3 x 15 at 20lbs and then 3 rounds of 6-10 close grip bench (115 x 10, 135 x 10, 155 x 6), 25 sit-ups and 10 ring rows.


And then we got to Saturday………  Saturday was supposed to heavy singles starting at 365 and I was planning on working up to around 405 or so.   This plan was really based on how well things have been going.  I pulled 385 for a double a couple of weeks ago even though that was supposed to be my top single so I felt pretty confident with these.   365 was a little slow but fine.  385 was a little ugly.  And 405……  Died at about my knees.  Twice.  This caused me to have a small meltdown.   I have still never pulled over 400 in the gym.  Ever.  And there’s really no good reason for it.  So why did it happen again? I don’t know.  Maybe it’s that I was training earlier in the morning than I normally do and there seems to be a direct correlation between how early I’m lifting and how much my deadlift feels like ass.  Basically, the earlier I try to do it, the more it sucks.  Like there’s more gravity in the gym in the morning.  Maybe the whole week of walking around pissed off at work finally caught up with me.   Maybe a little bit of both.  None of this is actually making me feel better, but there’s also nothing I can do about it.

I had a whole mess of other stuff programmed for the day:  front squats, deficit deadlifts, back extensions, rows………  I did none of it.  This wasn’t really the responsible thing to do.  I have programming for a reason and I’m only about 4 weeks away from States.  I shouldn’t really be screwing around.  On the other hand…..  This is probably the last week that I can kind of screw around.  Kind of.   And I feel like with the way this week has gone I’m due a little irresponsibility.  A day to just say “screw it” and go do something that you maybe shouldn’t be.

Os instead we went out and did Death by Prowler.


For those of you who don’t know, Death by Prowler is at most 6 rounds of 30m prowler pushes, increasing weight by 2 plates every round.  For women, we use 25lbs plate and for men we use 45s.  Once you gradutate from the women’s weights, you get to start working on the mens.   You keep going until you can’t go the 30m in 30 seconds or until you get all 6 rounds.  Or you throw up, pass out or otherwise succumb to prowler flu.  I graduated from the women’s weights awhile ago so now I get to play with the guys.  I’ve gotten close to finishing the men’s weights (all 12 plates and 615lbs the whole 30m but it took me a little under a minute) but just like my deadlift, it wasn’t in the cards today.  I got to the 4th round (at 435lbs) and that took me about 40 seconds, so I was done.

After this (and once everyone had recovered enough to walk back up the hill to the gym), we went to breakfast…….

No, this is not what breakfast normally looks like in my world.  But it was glorious!

No, this is not what breakfast normally looks like in my world. But it was glorious!

No matter how bad training goes, breakfast with your team always makes things better.


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