2013 MD States Week 12 Training – The Power of Suggestion

2013 MD States Week 12 Training – The Power of Suggestion

Nov 6, 2013

So here we are……  Just shy of 3 weeks out from States.  I’m not really sure how we got here.  I mean it seems like last week we still had like 12 weeks and now it’s practically tomorrow.  I’ve done my last heavy deadlift workout.  And even though I’m not satisified with the less than stellar results, the recovery is more important at this point.   I have one more heavy squat day and one more heavy bench day (aside from this past week) and that’ll be it.  The nerves are starting to work a bit so aside from working on my recovery, I’m also trying to start working on getting myself in the right head space.


I pretty much always get my programming for the week on Tuesday.  We may make some tweeks to it depending on how things go and some of the weights get changed depending on how I feel (because we try to take advantage of truly awesome training days whenever they happen) but the framework is all there.   This Tuesday, I logged into my training sheet and saw this:

And seriously, does he really think I'd ever willingly sub bottom up squats for anything?

And seriously, does he really think I’d ever willingly sub bottom up squats for anything?

OK.  The knee has felt fine.  I mean, I’ve needed a little bit more of a warm up so it doesn’t feel tight but it’s fine.  Really.

So I hit the gym and I’m working through my warm-ups and damned if I don’t have more tightness in my knee than I have since I did whatever it was that I did to it..

“How’s the knee?”

“It felt great until today.  I think you jinxed me when you mentioned it in my log.”

“You know, I wasn’t going to ask……..”  Long pause…….  “It’s an experiment.  I wanted to see if it would mess with your head.  Yeah, that’s it!”

“Right………..  Let me save you some time.  It will.  Head case, remember?”

And in case you’re wondering…… No, this is not the head space I was looking for.

Thankfully, it got better as I went and by the time I got to my work set, everything was feeling normal.  And I do mean “set”.  One set of 2+ at 355.  My goal was at least 4.  I got 5.  They all felt strong but as usual, I’m still having some numbness creeping into my hands on my heavier, high rep sets.  This isn’t anything that effects me on my heavy singles so I’m not really worried about it.

Moved on to paused squats for 3 x 5 (185, 225, 260) and then 3 x 10-15 RDLs (135, 155, 165 all for 15)  After the RDLs my hamstrings pretty much hated me.

Finished up the day with 3 rounds of 20 sit-ups and 20 unweighted box step-ups.

Even unweighted, I'm still not a fan.....

Even unweighted, I’m still not a fan…..


My first day of heavy bench singles.  The plan going in was for singles at 185, 190, and 195 and maybe one more if everything felt good and the weights were going up quick.  Since I hit 200 for a double a couple weeks ago, I was pretty confident that I’d get at least that far.   At the end of the day my singles were 185, 190, 195, 200, 205 and 210.  And they all felt really good.  Nothing really felt heavy and everything felt really stable.  210 was a tiny bit slow off of my chest but the lockout was strong.  This makes me incredibly optimistic for the meet.

Press was 3 x 5 for 120 again since I failed last week.  I thought with the lower volume, they’d go better this time.  I got 4.  Total.  I even tried re-racking it, and going back to finish the last one just so I could say I did 5 and I couldn’t.  So dropped the weight to 95 and did the 3 x 5 there.  I’m a little bummed about this but not really (because hey, it’s assistance work after all.)  I think the worst part about it is that this means I have to deload and start over doing sets of 10 again.

Finished out my day with 3 rounds of 8-12 floor press (95 x 15, 115 x 15, and 135 x 8), 15 weighted sit-ups (60) and seated dumbell press (20, 25 x 2).


Deadlift was 5 x 2 with a minute rest between sets starting at 285.  I really wanted to push myself a bit on these and kind of redeem myself after last week so sets were at 285, 305, 325, 345, and 365.  By the time I got to 365, they were running a little slow but definitely not as soul crushing as these types of sets were at the beginning of the cycle.

Since I don’t have any good excuses to blow off front squats this week (because Death by Prowler was totally a good excuse…..), I got to go back and do the workout I skipped.  So 2 x 8 and 1 x 8+ at 175lbs.  The first set felt like absolute ass.  The second felt a little bit better.  I got 11 on the plus set so that at least is something.

Then deficit deadlifts for 3 x 5 (225, 255, 275).  These just felt weird to me.  I’ve done them before so I’m not sure what my problem was but it just felt like my set-up was wrong and the whole lift felt awkward even though they didn’t feel especially heavy.

Finished out the day with 3 rounds of 15 up/down planks and 8-12 T-bar rows (45 x 12, 90 x 10 x 2).  The T-bar is a shiny new toy that’s been in the gym for a little bit but I’ve never used it before.  I’m not sure how I feel about them.

Yeah!  New toys!

Yeah! New toys!


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