2013 MD States Week 14 Training – Body Grossness and the Last of the Training

2013 MD States Week 14 Training – Body Grossness and the Last of the Training

Nov 18, 2013

Last week of training in the books and as I sit here typing this we are less than 5 days away from the meet.  Everything that reasonable can be done, has been and I’m as ready as I’m going to get.  A week of deload, a good night’s sleep the night before and some extra caffeine the morning of and we’ll be all ready to go.


By Monday morning, my left hip had tighened up to a point that it hurt to get out of bed in the morning.  This is not where I wanted to  be.  Not even kind of.  The good news at least was that it got looser and felt better as I was moving around during the day and  I had a massage appointment scheduled for that afternoon.  Of course I had to survive said massage appointment……  And for a while I didn’t think I was going to.

In the 7-ish years I’ve been seeing my massage therapist, she’s never apologized to me before she started working on something.  But as she poked around the front of my hip trying to find what might be causing the problem (or I should say what else because she’d already found a mess of stuff in my glutes and IT band) she says, “I’m sorry.  This is going to be bad.”

And she did not disappoint.  As soon as she started working on it, I started hearing a popping sound, like when your joints pop.  “Dude, this is gross….”


“You can’t hear the popping?”

“Yeah.  Is that your wrist?”

“Um, no.  That’s your hip.”

“Oh….”  It’s probably important to mention that I wasn’t moving my hip so that sound wasn’t the joint.  Apparently, it was my psoas that had wadded itself up into a ball.

As she was leaving, her final words to me were “Stretch your……  You know, nevermind.   Just stretch everything in your hips.  And don’t forget to send me video from the meet.”


I woke up Tuesday to my hip feeling much better but still pretty tight and my last heavy-ish squat day ahead of me.  I’d already decided I’d play it by ear and see how my hip felt through my warm ups and back it way off if stuff felt bad.  I spent some extra time stretching too to try and make sure nothing was too gummed up.  I would have foam rolled everything but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  The bruises are epic.

So one non-dramatic set of 2 reps at 375 and I was done with squats.  And they felt good.  It’s nice to know that what ever’s going on in my hip doesn’t seem to be effecting my squat at all.

Next was 3-15 RDLs (95, 115, 135.)  I intentionally kept these pretty light to make sure I wasn’t going to irritate anything but these also felt good.

Finished up with 3 sets of 20 walking lunges and 25 sit-ups.  None of these were weighted as we’re ramping down for the meet.


My last heavy bench day!  I knew I wanted to hit 215lb before the meet.  I was told I had to keep it down to 4 singles and that they needed to be evenly spaced out however I did them (so if there was a 10lb jump between the 1st and the 2nd then they all needed to be 10lbs jumps).  Singles were 192.5, 200, 207.5 and 215.  215 felt fantastic and I’m super excited about hitting at least that at the meet now.

Press was back this week starting at 65lbs for 3 x 10.  This is super light for me and the goal was to keep things moving without adding too much stress on the body.

Ended with 3 x 12 close grip bench (95, 115, 135) and then 3 x 20 overhead weighted sit-ups (20lbs.)  It’s amazing how much better the close grip bench goes when I’m not smoked by the press.  And as for the overhead sit-ups…….  These are new and I’ve decided not to like them.  In fact, I think they’re bullshit.  This no doubt means they’re good for me and I’ll be seeing more of them.


Decided based on the stuff with my hip to keep the deadlifts for the day very conservative.  5 x 2 with 1 minutes rest starting at 305.  I would normally make at least 10-15lbs jumps but I kept these at 5lbs.  So 305, 310, 315, 320 and 325.  None of them felt quick and I’m not especially happy with them.  They also tightened up my hips pretty bad even though I took extra time to stretch before and during my warm up.  I’m hoping that a good bit of my problem is that my hips tend to be tightest in the morning and that by the time I get to deadlifting at the meet, everything will be warmed up and stretched out.

Finished the day with 3 rounds of 10 Glute ham raises, 8 Pendlay rows (135) and….  Well it was supposed to be 15 knees to elbows but my hands started to tear so it was 10 knees to elbows and then the other 2 rounds were 25 sit-ups.


More yoga.  It would seem that someone told her about the issue with my hip.  I can’t come up with any other reason why there’d be so much hip and back stretching.  I spent pretty much the whole hour in my own private hell of hip exploding pain.  I’m still telling myself that it’s for my own good and it’ll feel better later.


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