2013 MD States Week 13 Training – PRs, Confidence and Singlet Saturday

2013 MD States Week 13 Training – PRs, Confidence and Singlet Saturday

Nov 13, 2013

So close to States!  Only 2 more weeks of training and a deload week and we’re there.


Last heavy singles before the meet.  I really, really wanted these to go well.  I don’t really think I’m going to gain much actual strength with just two weeks of training left so this is really about building confidence and getting used to the feel of heavier weights on my back.  Planned singles for the day were 385, 395 and 405 with the potential for 1 more single depending on how everything else felt.  385 felt good.  395 bounced off the rack as I walked it out and was a little unbalanced but still went fine.  405 was probably the best of the singles so far.  Then we had to decide where we wanted to go.  I really wanted to get at least the 410 that I’d missed but I was also pretty sure I should be able to hit 415 without any real drama.  So 415 it was and here it is:

415 Squat

Yes, my set up took forever as usual.  And I think it had a little bobble coming out of the hole but it looks faster than it felt and I feel really good about it.

Finished off my squats with 2 x 15 high bar squats (95 and 135.)  I kept these light just because I wasn’t sure how I would feel after the heavy singles but they weren’t horrible though everything burned by the time I was done.

Moved on to 3 rounds of 10 good mornings (95, 115, 125), 25 sit-ups and 12 heavy kettlebell swings (32kg, 40kg, 48kg.)  The set at 48kg was a little weird and actually took 3 tries to get.  On the first try, I lost my balance on the 5th rep and it pulled me forward.  On the second try, I realized that I really, really needed to pee.  I know this it TMI but it ‘s kind of like squatting when you need to pee:  It’s a bad plan.  So took a little “break” and came back and tried one more time….. and got all 12 reps in one set pretty easily.  This is the heaviest kettlebell in the gym so now it looks like all I can do is start upping the volume and trying to use it for multiple sets.

And then there was this:

Because big squats deserve the gluten free pizza I've been craving

Because big squats deserve the gluten free pizza I’ve been craving



Bench for the week was 5 x 2 with 1 minute of rest.  There  was really nothing too dramatic here.  I wanted to finish the set with the heaviest double I’ve done this cycle so weighters were 155, 170, 180, 190 and 200.  I have never hit 200 for more than a single.  Ever.  I got a little tenative on the way down on the second so it was a little slow and grinding coming up but there was never a point that I thought I might not make it.  I’m incredibly excited to finally set another bench PR at a meet after being stalled for what seems like forever.

This was a deload week for Press after last weeks failure so instead I had 3 x 10 klokov presses (45, 55 and 65) and then 3 x 10-15 incline bench (95 x 15, 110 x 12, 120 x 11.)  I would also like to say that it’s incredibly difficult to get through higher rep sets of incline bench with people standing around the bench talking about inappropriate (read: excessively revealing) singlets.

Just once I would like to do these before I've gotten to the point where I can't feel my arms.

They’re hard enough without also being distracted.

I was supposed to finish out the day with 3 x 15 GHD sit-ups and 3 x 6 dips.  Unfortunately, the dips were really not working for me and they made my shoulders pretty unhappy.  I got through 3 (like total) before we had to switch to sets of 25 tricep pushdowns.


This had been a really good week for training and I was looking to finish strong for my last rep day of deadlifts.  One set of 365 x 2+.  The plan was to try to go for 5-6 but I ended up with 4.  The first was a little slow.  The second and 3rd were probably the best.  And the 4th just didn’t seem to feel right and ground the whole way.  So going for 5 seemed like a bad plan.  I’m still pretty happy with it though.  And even if I wasn’t, I recover the slowest from deadlift so from this point on, I’m much more concerned about that recovery and making sure I can stay in the grove then doing anything crazy weight or rep wise.

After this was 3 x 3-5 Snatch grip deadlift.  I’ve been trying to go up in weight on these everytime I do them so I started with 255 on these and they felt fine.  Went to 295……  and couldn’t get it off the floor.  OK.  Backed off to 275.   Still couldn’t get it off the floor.  OK, fine.  So maybe I was more done than I thought I was.  Dropped down to 225 x 5 and then 235 x 5.

The last bit for the day was 3 sets of 10 barbell shrugs (225, 275 x 2), 30 trunk twists (yeah, about these……) and 8-12 dumbbell rows (70 x 8, 12, 8).  So the trunk twists didn’t happen.  I got through like 2 or 3 and something in my left hip that had been getting progressively tighter all morning decided it was done with me and had a complete melt down.  I tried stretching it out and got kind of mixed results.  It hurt but it didn’t seem to actually relieve anything so I decided to leave it alone and see if maybe it would relax a bit if I left it be and tried to stretch it out later.

We’ve had a tradition for a while now that one of the last Saturdays before a meet is Singlet Saturday.  This gives everyone a chance to make sure thier singlet fits properly and to get used to what most of the lifts feel like in it so there aren’t any real suprises or distractions at the meet.  Like the fact that the legs have a tendency to wander up your thighs and make your squats almost indecent (not that that’s ever happened to me.)

The Crossfit BWI team getting ready for States.

The Crossfit BWI team getting ready for States.


Yoga!!  I needed it.  And I took a bit of grief for not being there for weeks (which I totally deserved.)


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