2013 MD States Week 3 Training – Give Me All Your Carbs and No One Will Get Hurt

2013 MD States Week 3 Training – Give Me All Your Carbs and No One Will Get Hurt

Sep 3, 2013

This has been one of those weeks.  I’ve been crazy busy at work and it feels like this week went really fast.

I started doing some carb backloading this week to see how that might effect my weight and if I could still train effectively while doing it.  That meant that for the first 10 days I had to cut my carb intake to 30 grams per day.  So how did it go?  Well, on the upside, I dropped about 6lbs in those 10 days.  I’m sure that some of that will come back immediatly after my refeed but for the time being, it’s kind of nice to see.  On the downside, keeping my carbs that low for multiple days in a row makes me grumpy and kind of stupid.  And when I say grumpy, I mean like a two-year old that needs a nap kind of grumpy.  I’m mostly fine but something that would have been mildly annoying usually now might spawn a full on tantrum (I’ve spent a fair amount of time apologizing for being an irrational asshole this week.)  As for the dumb part……  It’s really difficult to have conversations about the difference between linear and saturated EIRP and what saturation flux density is when your brain is all foggy.  For those of you that read that and went “wait…..what?” you now know exactly how I felt at work this week.  Except that I’m supposed to know what this stuff is.  (For the 3 or 4 of you that understood what I was talking about, you’ll get your “wait…..what?” moment when I get to my actual training.)   This dumb kind of wandered into my training a bit too and caused me to occasionally forget what I was supposed to be doing between one set and the next (more so than my normal ADD, thank you.)  On the other upside, it didn’t seem to effect my strength too much.  It made high volume stuff suck pretty badly though.  Which is why I’m doing this now and not further into the cycle.


So you know those days when you walk into the gym and everything is just awesome and everything feels light and effortless?  This wasn’t one of those days.  This was one of those days when I knew about mid-warm up that it was going to be rough.

Squats for the day was 1 set of 10+ at 295.  It should have been OK.  I’ve done more weight than that for more than 10 reps in the past.  So it’ll be good.  Except that as I was warming up, I realized the knot under my left shoulder blade (also the cat’s fault) was a bit more serious than I’d originally thought.  It wasn’t super painful but once I got under the bar and tightened up my back, it turned into that kind of tight that makes it hurt to breath deeply.  Rolling it out didn’t help much so in the end I just sucked it up and did my set.  Of 10.  I’m pretty disappointed about this becasue I really wanted 12-15 but it is what it is.  I feel like the low carbs are probably as much to blame as the shoulder thing.

I moved on to 5 x 5 reverse band squats for 275, 300, 345, 330 and 345.  I got a bit dizzy in the middle but it passed once I sat on the safetly rail of the rack for a couple of minutes.


Finished up the day with 3 rounds of 20 weighted twists (25, 35, 35), 15 banded good mornings and 12 (6 each side) box step ups (BW, 10, 15.)  As I’m working through my first set of box step ups which are still a bit depressing because I suck at them so much, I hear this from my coach……..

“See you Thursday!  I’m bringing donuts!”

I can’t even think of the last time I had a donut but now that I absolutely can’t have one…. Well, you know how it goes.

Open mouth.  “………..”  Close mouth.

He’s still standing there smiling at me…….

Try again, “I have so much hate in my heart for you right now.”

I think he was still laughing when he walked out the door.


For the third week in a row, I actually managed to make it to the gym on a Wednesday and that has to be some kind a record.    So we started off with 3 cleans on the minute for 8 minutes at 95lbs.  That’s still super light for me but it is heavy enough to make me watch my form (and basically not reverse curl the bar.)

Finished the day with 5 x 30m sled drags at 115lbs.  On average, these took about 8 seconds.  And I only looked kind of ridiculous because I am not the most graceful person you know.


This was my first heavy bench day since I started back on my program.  6 x 2 starting at 155 and working up to 185 (jumped to 165 and then 5lbs jumps every set after that.   I paused all of my reps after I got to 175 and I’m extremely happy with how these went.  I’ve never hit a double at 185 much less a paused double so it feels really good to do it so early in the program this time.

Press didn’t go so well.  4 x 6 at 105 again this week and I ended up with 6,6, 5 (damnit!) and 4.  So more reps than last week but I’m still not able to finish the sets.  I’d like to blame this on the lack of carbs but the reality is that it’s probably time to deload and work back up anyway.

METCON:  3 rounds of 25 sit-ups, 12-6 close grip bench with the goal to work up to a weight heavy enough that I could only get 6 before failing (so 95 x 12, 115 x 12, 135 x 6) and 10 Klokov presses (45, 55, 55).


I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little worried going into my deadlifts on Saturday.  In addition to the lack of carbs, it was HOT in the gym.  And I mean really hot.  Like dripping sweat before you finish your warm up, can’t get your pants pulled back up properly after going to the restroom kind of hot.

I had 10 x 3 starting at 240 and going up 10lbs every set with 1 minute of rest between sets.  So that pretty much meant I wasn’t going to get any actual rest since it seems to take so long and so much effort to swap out plates on deadlift.  (Still no bored geneticists who want to help?)  But on the whole it went OK.   By the 6th set or so, I was standing in a puddle of my own sweat and I realized some of the folks I train with were giving me concerned looks but everything was feeling strong.  My 8th set at 310 felt a little slow but OK.  Went for my 9th set at 320 and….. only got it to about mid shin.  Decided that getting the weight was more important than keeping the rest short so I took about 3 minutes and tried it again.  Nope.  Couldn’t even break it off the floor.

Well, f@%$ ………..

I probably should have expected this.  And to be honest, I was way too hot and tired to get really irritated about it.

Briefly thought about putting on my knee sleeves as I moved on to front squats and then realized there was no chance I was going to be able to actually get them on as sweaty as I was and decided that my knees would be plenty warm without them.  Front squats were one set of 3+ at 205lbs.  I thought I’d get 4 or 5 at least but no, I got 3 an then bottomed out on the 4th and couldn’t stand it back up.

Finished out my Saturday with 3 rounds of 12 RDLs (95, 115, 135), 10 Pendlay rows (95, 115, 135), and 20 weighted sit-ups at 40lbs.


Look! A sweat angel!



I blew off yoga again (I’m not proud of this) in the inteterest of a very serious carb re-feed at the fair.  It was a bit ridiculous to be honest and I feel a little bit bad about it.  But only a little bit.

Mac and Cheese on a stick.  And this was just breakfast......

Mac and Cheese on a stick. And this was just breakfast……

And one final plug for Barbells for Boobs which is in just two short weeks.



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