2013 MD States Week 5 Training – Everyone’s Feeling Froggy and Barbells for Boobs

2013 MD States Week 5 Training –  Everyone’s Feeling Froggy and Barbells for Boobs

Sep 17, 2013

I don’t know if there’s something in the air this time of year that makes people a little froggy.  Maybe it’s that we’re finally getting some real relief from the heat.  Maybe it’s the extra stress of getting everyone back to school.  Or just the knowledge that the summer is really over and we should enjoy the last of the nice weather before it starts snowing.  Whatever it is, there has been an unreasonable amount of smack talked in the gym this week (And out of the gym too for that matter.)  Stop watches, platforms and barbells were stolen, crap was talked about people’s (my) 1RM squat (“Oh that’s right!  You haven’t squated 420 yet.  Guess you better get back to work…..”), and bad spotting advice was given.  It’s all in good fun but I think we worried some of the folks that don’t normally train with us.


Squats today were 8 x 3 with 1 minute of rest between sets starting at 250lbs.  I made 15lb jumps on the first 2 sets and 10 on all the sets after that at ended up at 330lbs.  On the whole, these felt really good.  I did get a little bit outside of the 1 minute rest on the jump to 320lb just because it took me too long to change the plates.  I also wasn’t in the power rack so I had to round up some spotters for the last two sets.  They were weights I could totally handle but the fatique was starting to set in and it’s always better safe than sorry.  Of course getting spotters turned out to be a bit more dramatic then I’d planned……

Spotter 1 (who doesn’t normally spot me):  “So do you need me to like, help you rack it when you’re done or just be here in case things get weird or……..?”

Spotter 2 (who spots me all the time):  “When she starts to come up, just push her back down.”

Me:  “…………”  <Glare>  “Shut up.”

See?  Froggy.

And for as good as these all felt, they still left my laying on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat when I was done.

The view from the bottom.........

The view from the bottom………

Moved on to 4 x 3 high bar paused squats for 185, 225, 255 and 275 which weren’t too bad but are still pretty uncomfortable on my back.

And then there was the METCON:  10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 10 knees to bar, 20 lunges and 45 jumps (jumping rope.)  The goal was just to keep moving for the entire time but not to push so hard you wanted to puke when you were done.  I managed to get 4 rounds (barely) and holy crap my quads were smoked by the time I was done.


Wednesday was supposed to be hill sprints.  But I got to the gym late and found my training partner had been left on his own too long waiting for me and had come up with his own plan.  Oh and he’d already set everything up so I was pretty much stuck with it.  So instead of sprints, I did 5 rounds of 5 tire flips (350lbs), 30m prowler sprints (165lbs) and backward sled drag (walking backwards dragging the sled at 140lbs) with 2-3 minutes of rest between rounds.  Not too bad aside from the fact that my tire flips are ugly and I kept trying to lift with my arms instead of driving through with my hips.  And got yelled at for it.  Between this and Tuesday, my quads now officially hate me.



Bench was super quick on Thursday.  Just one max rep set at 145 with a programmed goal of 8 reps.  MY goal was 12.  I got 15.  We think.  Apparently I was getting plenty of good leg drive and had been slowly scooting back on the bench over the course of those 15 reps.  So on the last one, I pushed it up, hit the bracket, scared myself a little, pushed up harder and the next thing I know, the bar was racked.  I’m not entirely certain that I locked out my right arm.  Partially because that was the side I hit the bracket on and partly because I couldn’t really feel it at that point.  So 14.5 maybe.  Whatever.

Moved on to a relatively easy 3 x 5 Press at 90lbs.  Then on to incline bench where things got a little stupid.  The goal was 3 x 8-12 increasing weight every set.  95lbs x 12 went OK so I went and did 115 x 10.  And this is where the stupid started.  My arms were pretty well smoked by this point but instead of going to 120 or 125 like I should have, I decided to go to 130.  I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking.  So I got 6.  And then had to rack the weight for a second.  Tried to finish the last 2…….  And got 1.

Finished up the day with 3 x 15 EROM pushups superset with 3 x 5 DB Presses (25, 30, 35) and then 100 sit-ups in one set.

Then there was beer.  And not Sam Adams.  One of my training partner’s 60-minute IPA home brew.

Come Powerlift with us.  We have beer.

Come Powerlift with us. We have beer.


Saturday started much earlier than it normally does because of Barbells for Boobs.  And I mean really early.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deadlift so early in the morning but at 8am there we all were getting warmed up.  Deadlift was 5 x 2 starting at 325lb and working up to 365lbs in 10lb.  These all felt really, really good.  I’m really happy to be working this heavy this early in the cycle.

Front squat today was finding a 1RM.  My previous 1RM from back in March was a fairly ugly 215.  And today?  A relatively pretty 265!

265lb Front Squat

So pretty that I went ahead and tried 275 which I failed miserably.  Pretty sure that I failed this in my head before I even picked up the bar.

I skipped out on all the assistance stuff to wander over to the other side of the gym to do Barbells for Boobs, but before we get to that……..

Friday night I got a message from a friend asking “If I make you a boob beanie, will you wear it?”

For those of you wondering what a boob beanie is…….


And yes, that is a piercing……….

“Uh……  Yeah!”

So beanie on head, I wandered off to tackle Grace.  For all of the non-Crossfit people out there, Grace is 30 Clean and Jerks for time at 95lbs for women and 135lbs for men.  I finished it in a blazing (not) 6 minutes and 57 seconds and was reminded why I compete in Powerlifting and not Crossfit.

image image image

It was a great event and the Crossfit BWI team raised over $3400.  Special thanks to Derrick and Irene for being my two biggest donors and Christine for taking the time to make my beanie.  Donations are still open for another couple weeks if anyone is interested.


Yoga!  It happened and boy did I need it.  It’s never good though when you start getting looks from your yoga teacher because you don’t appear to be getting the full “benefit” of the posture like everyone else is.


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