2013 MD States Week 6 Training – Pain and Weaknesses

2013 MD States Week 6 Training – Pain and Weaknesses

Sep 24, 2013

It’s been another good week in the gym but it wasn’t exactly painless and as always, it was a learning experience.  No matter how well things are going overall, I’m constantly finding bits and pieces that are weak or should just be better.  And that makes me wonder…..

How good would all of my lifts be if I could get all the little, weird, weaker shit together and where it should be all at the same time?

Sadly, I’m not sure I’m ever going to get an answer to that question because I don’t know that I’ll ever really be able to get it all together at the same time.  But I’ll keep trying and if we can get like 80-90% of it, I should be good.


Tuesday was one set of squats at 295 for at least 8 reps.  If you’ve been following along at home, that might look a little bit familiar.  I certainly thought it did.  And then I realized why.  Seems the last time I did a plus set a couple of weeks ago, I put in the wrong weight.  So instead of doing 275 x 10+ (like I was supposed to), I tried to do 295 x 10+ and got less than stellar results.  This time went much better and I got 12.  I feel like I could have kept going but from about the 8th rep on, I could feel my hands starting to go numb.  By 12 I just wasn’t certain that I could really keep control on of the bar so we called it.  The numbness?  Gone as soon as I shook my arms out and got the blood flow going again.  So it’s a little disappointing that that was the limiting factor here.

Moved on to 5 x 5 reverse band squats (295, 325, 335, 345, 355).


Then supersets of 3 x 10 glute ham raises and 3 x 20 russian twists (45lbs).  And this is where the real drama started.  I haven’t done glute ham raises in a while for some reason.   I figured I’d start off with a set at body weight and then go from there.  Seemed like a safe enough idea, right?  When I do these I notice that my feel slowly rotate out on the first couple of reps so I don’t seem to be in a consistent position for the first couple of reps.  On the third rep, I went down and as I started to come back up, I discovered there was a huge knot in my quad a little bit above my right knee as I rolled it over the pad on the GHD.  And…….. instant tears.

It was dramatic enough to attract the attention of the coach doing the Crossfit class.  “Are you crying?”

“Yes.  A little.”

After that, there was no chance I was going to add weight on the rest of my sets.  By the last set, I’d managed to work out the knot but damn, they all hurt.

Finished up the day with 3 x 15 banded good mornings and 3 x 12 box step ups with dumbells (10, 15, 20.)  These still suck but they’re definitely getting better.  I looks like I may even be ready to move onto the barbell next time they show up in my training.


Thursday was heavy bench day so 5 x 2 starting at 165lbs and working up to 190lbs.  Paused both reps on everything after the first set and these are just feeling really good.  I’m afraid I’m going to jinx myself but it’s been a long time since my bench has felt this strong.

Press was 3 x 5 at 95lbs.  Not bad but they’re definitely starting to get heavy.  I’m really hoping I can ride these out to 110 or so (more would be better) before I have to reset again.

Finished out the day with 3 rounds of 25 sit-ups, 6-12 close grip bench (105 x12, 125 x 12, 145 x 6) and 10 Klokov press (50, 60, 65).  I should have had more on my last close grip bench at 145lbs but I managed to hit the rack (again) as I came up for 7 and I was just too tired to save it.  I’m really going to have to figure out why this is happening so I can put a stop to it.


Deadlifts this week were 8 x 3 with 1 minute of rest between sets.  I started at 245lb for the day and I really wanted to work up to 330lb for my top set since that’s were my squat ended last week and I can’t think of a good reason why my deadlift shouldn’t be as good as my squat.  Sets were 245, 260, 275, 290, 300….  At this point I realized that I wasn’t going to make the 1 minute rest between 310 and 320 because of all the plates I was going to need to change and started looking to see if I could get some help…….  310……

The pit crew jumped in and got all of my weights changed in about 20 seconds while I stood there supervising.  Clearly, this is the way I should have been doing it all along.  Much better than changing the weight on my own.

320.  And a slow set at 330.  I would have liked them to be faster but they all went up and that’s what really matters.

All the weights are mine.....

All the weights are mine…..

Front squats for this week were reset after last weeks 1RM test.  So 4 x 10 and 1 x 10+ at 145lbs.  I hate 10’s.  They’re especially brutal when you’ve spent the last like 6 weeks doing triples and doubles.  The fact that they’re light didn’t really make me feel any better.   But whining wasn’t going to make them feel any better either so I got to work on them as soon as I caught my breath from the deadlifts.  I got 13 on the plus set and the biggest problem with the last one was how low my elbows were getting.

Moved on to 4 x 5 mid shin deadlifts.  My back and hips were pretty smashed by this point so we were looking to keep these kind of light.  Like no more than 325 or so.  In the end, I went 225, 275, 295 and 305lb and they were brutal.  I know I have issues with the top half of my deadlift and my momentum off the floor covers for some of it but damn……  This was pretty eye opening.  Looks like I have work to do.

Ended the day with 3 rounds of 15 GHD sit-ups and 10-15 heavy kettlebell swings (32kg x 15, 40kg x 13, 40kg x 15.)


More yoga!  I was  already pretty sore from Saturday so it was totally necessary.  You know it’s been a hard week in the gym when you and everyone around you is making weird noises as they work themselves into the various postures.


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