2013 MD States Week 8 Training-Short Week and the Mid Atlantic Hopper Challenge

2013 MD States Week 8 Training-Short Week and the Mid Atlantic Hopper Challenge

Oct 11, 2013

Monday the head cold that had been dropping subtle hints all weekend decided it was done playing with me and crash landed on my sinuses.  So I spent the day working from home between naps.  The good news is that by the end of the day, my head cold seemed to be gone.  The bad news is that sleeping slumped over on the couch didn’t make my body very happy and I spent the night all stiff and tight.  It was a huge relief to get up and moving around Tuesday morning, even if that did mean getting up super early to get back to work and try to get caught up on everything I slept through on Monday.


Squats this week were 6 x 2 with a minute rest starting at 270.  Since the overall volume on these is really decreasing, I wanted to make sure that I hit these hard and that my top set was heavier than 3 weeks ago when I went 8 x 3.  Sets were 270, 285, 300, 315, 330 and 345 and for the first time I finished and didn’t end up laying on the floor exhausted in a puddle of my own sweat.  Maybe more importantly, I was confident enough to hit the top set without bothering to get a spotter.

Next was the first sets of bottom up squats for this cycle.  I wasn’t really happy to see them but since my squats went so well, I figured they’d be OK.  It was only 5 x 3 and I’d been getting pretty heavy on the paused squats so……  Sets were 185, 225 (…..F@$# me.  This was a bad plan.  I really need to learn to make better life decisions), 225, 230, and 235lbs.  I’d originally planned to work up to around 255 but that was apparently completely unrealistic.   Setting up on the bottom of these sucks.  But once I get the first one up, they do get a little easier.  Sort of.  Barely.

After all of that drama, there were 3 sets of 12 glute ham raises and 12 steps of weighted walking lunges (30lbs).  Finished out the day with 100 sit-ups in as few sets as possible.  I was still feeling a little contrary after the bottom up squats so this turned into one set of 105 just to kind of redeem myself.


Wednesday I finally managed to get a massage appointment.  Bonus, I got her to come to the house to torture me so I didn’t also have to sit in traffic going there and coming home.  I’ve had some weird going on that definitely needed looked at.  All the general stuff in my hips and upper back, but I’ve also has some weird stuff going on with my left foot for a couple of weeks.  Every now and then, I’ll take a step and it’ll feel like someone is stabbing me in the top of my foot right below my pinky toe.  Since I didn’t actually so anything to cause it (for once, I can say I haven’t even stubbed it lately), I was pretty sure that it wasn’t a real injury.  So I figured I’d let her take a whack at working out whatever was causing the pain……..

I was unaware that there was any place on the body that was so painful to massage that you would sell out your grandmother and give up your banking info.  Turns out there is.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, after I let out the initial squeak of oh-my-god-that-hurts-so-much-I’m-going-to-die, the dogs freaked out and started howling in sympathy.

So you can kind of imagine just how much noise these two are capable of........

So you can kind of imagine just how much noise these two are capable of……..

Somehow I survived.  We still aren’t sure exactly what I did to my foot but we are pretty sure that it’s all soft tissue related and the plan is to (try) to massage it myself (this probably won’t work since there’s only so much pain you can cause yourself intentionally), stretch it, ice it and see what happens until the next appointment.


Thursday turned into a pretty long day since the gym was closed for the weekend for the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge.  I ended up combining as much of my bench and deadlift workouts as I could and then sprinkling in some accessory work.

I started with deadlifts since I had to go heavier on them then bench.  So 3 x 2 at 345, 365 and 385lbs.  385 is the most I’ve ever done for a double and it felt really, really solid.  I’m very happy with how this has been progressing and excited to test it out and see where I am at States.

Bench was 1 x 6+ at 165.  I wanted 10 on this but it just wasn’t in the cards for me.  I did still get 8.  I got lose some how on 9 on the way down and that was just the end.

Press was 3 x 5 for 105.   These were a little rough but not too bad.  I’m still hoping to get at least another 2 weeks or so before I have to reset the weights again.

Front squats were 1 set at 180 for as many reps as possible.  My plus set for last week at 160 was 13 so again I was looking for 10.  And again I got 8.  Basically, I just lost my upper back on the 9th rep and lost the bar forward onto the safety rails.

Finished out the day with 3 sets of 15 knees to elbow and AMRAP pushups (12, 8, 9).  There was a mess of other assistance stuff between the two days that needed done but it was getting late so I decided to call it a day at this point.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday I volunteered to work the Mid-Atlatic Hopper Challenge.  I’ve done it the last 3 years and there are a couple of reasons why I do:

1.  Crossfit BWI who hosts the Hopper is where I train.  They’ve been sponsoring me for quite a while now and even before that, they have absolutely supported me in my training.

2.  I get to compete in Powerlifting because of all of the folks that volunteer at meets.  This is kind of my way of paying it forward.  Volunteering for this helps make sure that other people get to compete in the sport they love.

3.  I get to watch some amazing stuff without paying the price of admission.  Seriously.  I know that Powerlifting and Crossfit aren’t always on the best of terms but if you have a chance to go see a Crossfit competition, go.

The passion and dedication of the athletes, coaches and audience is incredible.  There was so much comraderie, even among competitors.  The only other place I’ve ever seen that is in Powerlifting.  From the first rep to the last, everyone cheered for and supported everyone.

After two incredibly long days (14+ hours on Saturday and about 9 hours on Sunday), I was exhausted.  I can’t even imagine how all the athletes felt.

The check in Team WOD Team Snatch Snatch Pulling the WOD MJ at the hopper Mens lunge men KB Masters Lunge Kettlebell Irwyn at the Hopper High five Clean Chris at the Hopper Chin-ups

Who says OCD is bad?

Who says OCD is bad?

The aftermath......

The aftermath……

A special thanks to Maile from Boris and Company for the great pictures (and feeding me breakfast on Sunday.)


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