2013 MD States Week 9 Training- Recovery Is Important and Frito Pie

2013 MD States Week 9 Training- Recovery Is Important and Frito Pie

Oct 15, 2013

You forget sometimes, especially when things are going well, that recovery is important.  Like really important.  Working the weekend at the Hopper, meant that I wasn’t eating or sleeping the way I normally do.  There’s a huge difference between having a chance to tuck into a good breakfast and slamming a handful of nuts while running around loading bars and doing paperwork.  And we won’t even talk about the increased level of activity and the missed naps.  So I started the week felling substantially less refreshed than I normally do on a Monday.


This is my last plus set of squats for this training cycle.  It’s always kind of a relief to me since these days are my least favorite but it also sort of drives home how little time I have before States.  So 1 set of 6+ at 335.  Should be pretty easy.  It isn’t especially heavy for me.  But for some reason, right before I did it, I got hit with an incredible case of nerves.  Not the normal nerves you get when it’s something a bit challenging.  Like full blown first attempt of a meet nerves.  Which is dumb.  But it is what it is.  I told myself I’d feel better once I got started and did a rep or two (because the anticipation is always the worst part) and just went and did it.  All the reps felt strong and fast.  On my 5th rep, my fingers started getting tingly.  By the seventh my hands were all pins and needles and I couldn’t actually feel the bar in my hands so I decided to call it for the sake of safety.

“What happened?”

“My hands went numb.”

“Yeah, your knuckles were all white……..  Actually, your lips look a little blue too….”

So, yeah.  Seems calling the set was a pretty good plan.  I got all the feeling back in my hands pretty much as soon as I racked the bar and dropped my hands to my sides.

Moved on from these to 5 x 3 high bar squats at 185, 225, 255, 275, and 305lbs with no belt.  I don’t use my belt for front squats, paused or bottom up squats and I think I’m going to start going beltless on all of this secondary (mostly high bar) squat stuff too.  Just to keep stuff interesting.

As we get closer to the meet, some of the assistance stuff is starting to drop off (which was especially good, since I was like an hour late getting to the gym) so finished up with 3 sets or 15 GHD sit-ups and 10 Reverse Hyper at 260lbs.  The Hyper wasn’t supposed to be quite that heavy but that was what was already loaded and I hate changing the plates on that things (It’s a pain in the ass and I’m lazy) so that’s what I went with.  There were no spiders at least.


Before we get to Thursday’s training, we need to talk about something that happened at work……  I walked out to the break room to get some water and some one was heating up chili and cornbread.  And BAM!  I was struck by this sudden, nearly uncontrollable craving for frito pie.  I normally eat pretty clean so this was a little weird for me but not completely unprecedented.  I pretty much spent the rest of the day obsessing about it.

Thursday was the last heavy bench day before we move on to singles.  Sets were 3 x 2 at 175, 190  and 200lbs.  All of these were paused and 190 and 200 felt better and faster than 175 even though one of my feet got about a bit on the last rep at 200.  I’ve never hit 200 for more than a single before and I feel like I could have gotten it for a triple so I’m super excited about this.

Press was 3 x 5 for 110 and felt suprisingly good.  Two more weeks and I’ll be pressing my previous 1RM for sets.

Moved on to 3 x 15 close grip bench.  The goal was to pick weights where I could successfully get all 15 and not quite die on the last set.  So 95 x 15, 115 x 15, 125……  but that was apparently too aggressive and I only managed to get 10.

“Damn!  So do you want me to finish the last 5?”

“No.  I want you to drop to 105 and get all 15.”

“Why do you hate me?”

He laughed as he walked away.  So 105 x 15 and there was much whining about how much it burned.

Finished out the day with 3 sets of 15 knees to elbows and 10 dumbbell flys (15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs).

Realized that I was going to have to stop at the grocery store on the way home because we were out of eggs so this happened:


My giant bowl of Frito pie........

My giant bowl of Frito pie……..


Deadlift was 6 x 2 with 1 minutes of rest between sets.  Sets were 265, 285, 300, 315, 330, and 345.  I felt suprisingly fresh when these were done.  Which was awesome.

This week was a deload from front squats so I had a couple of very easy sets of 5 at 100, 120 and 145lbs.

Ended the day with 3 rounds of 10 glute ham raises (bodyweight, 10lbs x 2) and 15 dumbbell rows (60lbs) and then 3 sets of 25 sit-ups and AMRAP ring rows (10, 7, 8.)  The dumbbell rows are probably going to get interesting soon since the next dumbbell we have is 70lbs and the next one after that is 100lbs.  I may end up using a kettle bell but those are 88lbs and 105lbs which are still pretty big jumps.


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