2013 Raw Nationals/ R.I.P BIRD

2013 Raw Nationals/ R.I.P BIRD

Jul 28, 2013

“This is a story about how my life got flipped turned upside down.”   If you don’t know where that is from, then you had a horrible childhood.

OK lets get started. I got on the plane to go to FL on Friday morning. I was lifting on Sunday but I knew that I would be stiff from the plane ride because I wouldn’t fit. So I decided to give myself an extra day to recover. The skies were blue and it was smooth until. … There’s …..someone on the wing; some…thing!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!. We start to go in for the landing and the plane was waving side to side (NOT COOL). I’m already scared to fly and this did not help at all. As far as I’m concerned, planes fly because of magic. Don’t give me that science crap. Lift verses drag is just something the government made up to trick you into believing that wizards don’t exist. There is NO WAY something that weighs 1million pounds should fly!!! Anyway, back to the landing. We start to land and BOOOM! This thing felt like we hit a wall. He/she stopped so hard as if they overshot the runway. I put my hands up on the seat in front of me and jammed the girl in front of me into the seat in front of her. about 20 min later it caught up to me. That rough ass landing jacked up my back. not horrible but not something I need right before the toughest meet I’ve ever been in. The best of the best showed up and we were going to war!

I got my stuff unpacked and fully intended to go watch some of my teammates/other friends lift but passed out in the room. The following day I watched Kris Hunt Squat 600 and David Ricks smoke 661 only to be turned down because he stepped before the rack command. It was definitely not a strength issue. It went up faster than his 2nd.  I talked to Dave after the meet and asked him what went wrong. He said he didn’t expect it to move that fast and it caught him off guard. Watching him absolutely destroy this made me want to lift even more. It was a great battle between him and L.S.

Now before this gets too long because there was a ton of crazy stuff going on, lets get to the lifting.

They had a great set up in the back but it was all kilo plates and I dont know kilo plates off hand. Thank God for Matt Gary, Mark Robb, and everyone else that helped with that. I started to warm up and it felt like I had springs in my legs. The weight was literally flying off my back in the warm ups. I saw that I had about 10 people before I opened so I went to the bathroom. No more than 3 min later I was back and my time was already running for my attempt. This meet was super fast for the amount of people that showed up. I give lots of credit to the spotters/loaders.

1st attempt 540. miss. this was a joke. I KILLED this so I jumped up not knowing I missed it because in my head there was no way it was bad. Stupid move on my part but that’s what my handler was for… (remind me to kick his ass.) called on depth. You will see a lot of people talking about how strict the judging was, but that’s the name of the game. If you pass in the USAPL/IPF you know its good.

2nd 573. good. Missing the 1st pissed me off so bad that it was more like a blessing in disguise. I told myself to bring my ass to my calves to make sure I hit depth. It worked. Smoked it.

3rd 600!!! good.I knew that I needed a 600 squat in order to set me up for 1600 and make a statement and  top 5 against this group of guys. Almost everyone can Deadlift more than me but I can squat and bench more than most of them. I knew if I put pressure on them I might have a chance of them missing lifts.


1st Bench. 391.good. Baby weight! But I knew that my lockout suffered from the lack of training due to the nerve pain in my arm so I played it safe.

2nd 407.good. Pretty easy but I knew that my lockout was going to give me some issues.

3rd 418 good. Really fast off the chest and really slow at lockout. Perfect number! At this point I was in 3rd but my bench wasn’t what I wanted and that meant I had to pull a huge number (for me) in order to total 1600 and stay in top 5. Knowing I needed 584 by using my impeccable math skills that public school has taught me, cause I’m smart like that (with a calculator) I knew it was going to be more than what I planned and trained to be able to do. Training was only set up for a 573 at the most. The most I was able to get in training was 545 and with my back screwed up from the plane, everything was against me but when is that any different.

1st 501 Good. opened light because I wanted to stay in the meet and at this point my back and hips were fried. SMOKED IT!

2nd 551 Good. A little rough but this was expected. I called for 584 knowing this was what I needed. Nothing more, nothing less.

3rd 584. I sat in the back getting more and more inside myself. Getting ready to do something I shouldn’t be able to do at this moment, something that was not trained for. Most get scared at something that they have not done before or planed for. If your scared, you need to stop! … I took myself to a place in my mind that I never wanted to be again, but I knew that rage would be my only shot at getting this. My partner gave me a little pat on the back to tell me I was up and it was on. No sound, No sight. Running out on to the platform like a bull. Going after what I needed to kill in my head. No hesitation. I took my breath and prepared for a long battle that I knew I would win. It came off the ground and it seemed to take forever to  get above my knees but I wanted that 1600 more than gravity wanted to pull me down. I squeezed and squeezed until I was locked (at least in my head I felt locked). 1 white from the side judge and 2 reds from head and side judge. I felt like I was being robbed. Very angry! It took a lot (especially in the state of mind I had to put myself in for the lift) to stay calm. I ran in to the back ready to punch a hole in someones chest! I protested the lift. He agreed that my knees weren’t locked but that my hips were but the judges said my hips weren’t locked and knees were. This still confuses me. why did I fail? hips or knees? I was mad and needed to leave. I was insane with rage. I Felt like they took the food off my table,  but like I said earlier, it’s the name of the game. I can see what they were saying but my second and 3rd lockout felt and looked the same to me but it’s not how it looks and feels to me.  This shot me down to 9th from would have been 5th. There was only 25kg between 9th and 3rd. Very tight field.

At the end of the day I stood toe to toe with the best and held my ground. I got a 32lbs PR on squat, 11lbs PR on Bench and Missed my 1600 but at least I know I have the strength to pull it. I met Some of my teammates and we hung out like we were friends for years. Had lots of laughs. Really happy I’m on a team with these people. I may go to the Arnold. I’m not sure yet.

Thanks to, IA and the IA team for supporting me, my girlfriend Anisha for dealing with all my crap, Albert for coming down to help (even tho you didn’t tell me I missed my opener), the Engel Family for the very generous donation and support, my mom for cooking like crazy all the time and my friend/teacher/coach  Mr Loverdi from High school that passed away in Orlando while I was there competing. Thanks for letting me lift even when it wasn’t my period to let off some steam. Thanks for keeping me under the bar and not behind them. R.I.P my friend.

Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1TkdjlEwYM&feature=share&list=UUE7MaOqM-AZwtlMv6XlzJDg






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    Good see you do this!

  2. Debra /

    It’s killing me that the first meet I had to miss was this one, but this write up almost made me feel like I was there with you. You did a great job, got a couple of outstanding PR’s and you’re on your way to killing it again! I never doubt that you will get exactly what you want and, as usual, I’m there 100%! Sorry, I don’t have time to write more but I’m off to cook your usual ton of food! LOL!!

  3. Armand /

    Great job, Jack! Be proud of yourself! I am!

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