2013 Raw Nationals

2013 Raw Nationals

Jul 26, 2013

First let me start by saying this was by far the most fun and entertaining competition I have been a part of. I will go into details regarding this, my overall experience at my first national level meet, and some times for traveling.

Down to the facts. Was it my best meet? No, not at all. Did I hit the numbers I planned on hitting? Technically yes in my deadlift but because of what I still believe to be a bad call I can not count it. Did I learn a lot on what it takes to compete at the national level and how to prepare to face some of the best lifters in the 120kg class? Oh yes it did! Did I do horrible or bomb out? Thankfully no, I placed 13th overall; would have been 10th if my last attempt would have been called correctly. Will I get stronger and dominate at the Ohio State Championships? You bet your ass, I want my mother f***ing redemption! But the moral of the story is I gained a great deal of experience not only about my overall performance but also from watching and meeting so many phenomenal lifters.

By far the best aspect of this trip was being able to finally meet some of my Iron Authority family. They made the trip and competition worthwhile. Not only did we connect like we have been friends for years but they were right they helping, coaching, and cheering me on. We bonded, we helped each other hit some great numbers. We got to watch our teammates hit new personal records and stand proud. We represented Iron Authority with pride and dominance. I would stand by any of these amazing athletes and feel honored.

Lastly I would like to recommend some travel tips. If you are staying off site from the meet; such as my wife and I did; I would suggest you ask for room measurements. Most importantly I would suggest asking for bathroom and shower size. The shower in the hotel we stayed at was the perfect size, for a stick figure. I actually could not turn around or bend over without having to open the shower curtain to do so. Its a strange feeling when your shoulders can touch all of the shower walls without moving!


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