2013 USAPL American Open

2013 USAPL American Open

Dec 11, 2013

Sorry I have not posted in quite sometime but my life has been so busy. For those of you who don’t know I am expecting a baby girl in March and I picked up a second job, also going to school and training for the USAPL American Open has really stretched me thin as far as time goes. But now I am back and want to fill everybody in on my experience at the USAPL American Open.

Well training for this meet went wonderful. I felt great no real injuries and my joints and shoulder felt fine. I had a new pr in my sights and was pretty confident id be able to get 551lbs.

The weather was pretty bad the day of the meet and my hotel was about 30 minutes from the meet venue. The ride there took about 45 minutes but when I got there it was such a nice venue. It was at the Philly Expo Center, the warm up room was huge with 6 warm up stations and there were 3 platforms for the actual meet.

During warm ups I felt great and I decided to open with 501 to play safe. It flew up like I expected. My next attempt was 534lbs and it felt pretty good going up but looked slower than it felt. So now I was faced with a dilemma do I go for the pr or play it safe and go with 540 or 545 which was my current pr. I decided to go with the pr of 551 and it went off my chest pretty good but I got stuck at lockout and it was a no lift.

I finished the meet with a 534lb bench press which I am satisfied with. This was my first raw meet back from tearing up my shoulder at the beginning of the year and the last meet I did at bench nationals I bombed so I will take a 534lb raw bench press without many complaints.

Overall the meet was great. There were over 350 lifter in 2 days and the announcer I think his name was Gino was the best I have ever heard. Now I will shift my focus for the SSP Nutrition Raw Bench Challenge at the Arnold.


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