2013 USAPL Ohio State Championship

2013 USAPL Ohio State Championship

Nov 14, 2013

First let me start by saying this was an amazing meet. I was once again able to meet a teammate in person. As well as watch some of the strongest powerlifters Ohio has to offer. But lets get to the good stuff!

Overall this was a great day for me and nothing to hang my head about. I went 8-9; which is the best I have ever done in a meet before. I hit a PR on each of my lifts as well as a new PR on my total.

Squatting felt harder today then expected. The weight just felt heavy on my back. Never the less I hit all three attempts because I feel I made the correct choices in weight selection. I opened with 475 that went smooth. My second attempt of 515 hit me hard, I felt drained and was seeing stars after hitting it. But I knew I would not stop there. I set up under 540 knowing this weight was mine. I sank it deep and drove that mother to the ceiling. Yelling and excitement to follow.

By time I started warming up for bench my back was cramping up badly. I opened with an easy 335 and followed that with an new pr of 369. I went for for 388 and got closer but just close momentum on the lock out.

I knew at this time I need to hit a huge deadlift if I wanted to stay in the game. I opened with an very easy 545 followed by an easy 585. I was asked by another competitor if I had finished warming up after my second attempt. And I had! I have been chasing hitting over 600 on my deadlift for a year, a mother f***ing year. I have missed it at states last year, missed it at the Arnold and got robbed with it at Nationals. But not any more. I walked away after my second attempt knowing that it was time. I hit the platform for my third attempt with a battle cry. I was determined not to let anything stop me from reaching this goal. And I pulled that weight off the floor like a beast, crushing 628! That’s a 44 pound PR my deadlift.

I walked off the platform screaming like a mad man and to be honest I was emotional. That’s why I know I love this sport. I have more of a drive for powerlifting than I have ever had before. I look forward to stepping on stage at the Arnold again and competing my heart out. I do not just want to preform. I want to win!


IA All Day!!!


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