2013 WPC/AWPC CanAm Benchpress Championships Report

2013 WPC/AWPC CanAm Benchpress Championships Report

Jul 22, 2013


The 2013 WPC/AWPC CanAm Benchpress Championships (2nd Annual Border Wars) was held on July 20, 2013, in Romulus, Michigan.  There were over 81 lifters competing following just under 70 lifters in 2012 at the same venue.  The meet is run by Joe Smolinski and XXX Powerlifting.

The judges for the 2013 CanAm included Clark Yeo, Craig Gallo, and Bruce McIntyre with Joe Smolinski stepping in where needed.  The complete meet was live broadcast via http://2XLPowerlifting.com (a SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing Project) and can be viewed below.

The spotters and loaders were Sam Braun, Zach, Darilyn Doddy, Jamie Caporosso, Nate Gruber, Travis Mash, Stanley Tomaszkiewicz, and Big Bob.


[With Eric and Jackie Stone from Team Stone]

Sponsors included Burnham Commercial Boilers, Ken Anderson of Anderson Powerlifting, Heather Barnes Spitler of Total Fitness Solutions, Karen Slater of Soft Tissue Solutions, Shelley Trainor Denison of Iron Rebel, Howard Penrose of SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing, Bruce Millard of RescindX, Metraflex Flexible Pump Connectors, R. L. Deppmann Company – manufacturers reps for pumps and boilers, and Brendan Cowley of John Cowley.

Technology was driven by Benjamin Sanda with Richard Brown and Heidi Bob running the table.  Live stream was handled via http://2XLPowerlifting.com (A SUCCESS by DESIGN Project) and Howard Penrose.  Full meet follows.

The biggest Raw bench (Best of the Best) was Mike Wolfe, 38yo, at 262.5kg (578.7lb) Raw open.  Biggest equipped bench (Best of the Best) was Rich ‘Tiger’ Singh, 24yo, pressing 325kg (716.5lb) Equipped open.  Best bencher Equipped Master was Marvin Coleman.  The best Raw Master Bencher went to George Flikas.  Best bencher Raw went to Reginald Bradford.

[Raw Bench Flights 1 & 2 of 3]

[Raw Bench Flight 3 of 3]

[Equipped Flights 1 & 2 of 2]



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