2014 American Open Training Week 12 –Making People Quit, Singlets Make You Stronger and the Soap Box

2014 American Open Training Week 12 –Making People Quit, Singlets Make You Stronger and the Soap Box

Oct 31, 2014


This should be the last of the higher volume stuff.  I think.  I really, really hope.  Because lets be honest….. high rep, heavy-ish squats are basically cardio.  And you know how I feel about cardio.  All that being said, I’m pretty happy with how this set went.  I also think there might have been another rep or two in there if my hands hadn’t gone numb.   Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

A. squat 1×6+ 365/8
B. paused squat 3×3 305, 320, 330
C. SLDL 3×6 275,??,??
D1. ring rows 3×10 BW
D2. wt situps 2×15 30, 35

And after I finished that set (and could sort of breathe again)……..

“Did you just do 8 or those?”

“Yes?” I still wasn’t totally sure I had counted right at that point.

“OK.  So there’s no reason for me to go on.  I quit………” And he walked away.  But he didn’t actually quit since he still benches and deadlifts more than me.

By the time I finished my paused squats, my back was done (thank you crappy hotel beds in Norfolk) so I skipped the stiff leg deadlifts.



A. DL 6×2 295,315, 335, 355, 375, 385 all sets should have a 2 count pause right below the knee on the first rep
B. def DL 3×5 to a heavy 5 rep 315, 345, 365 x 3+2
C. block pulls 4×2 335, 365, 395, 415 work to a heavy double – hopefully heavier than 400# two weeks ago
D. plank 4xAs long as possible 1:16, 1:24, 1:33, 1:40

So the note next to my deadlifts for the day are proof of how much my coach hates me.  Seriously.  None of the weights were really heavy and I have no doubt I could have hit a double heavier than 385.  I’m much less certain that I could have done a paused rep much above this weight.  But I got through them and that’s the important bit.

Less successful was the deficit deadlifts.  The last set was really rough and was more like 2 sets than 1.  But the work still got done.

I’m was also really happy with the block pulls.  The most I’ve ever block pulled is 425 (Crazy, right?) for a single so this is all good.

And planks are still boring.


A. bench 3×2 210,217.5, 225
B. paused CG bench 1×3@195, 2×2 to heavy 2 205, 215 x 1
C. paused WG bench 2xAmrap 160/11, 140/12
E1. DB curls 3×15 30, 30, 35
E2. dips 3xAmrap 4 – 2 – 4

Saturday was Singlet Saturday since next weekend is Maryland States.  I’m not competing but I’m still willing to wear my singlet in support of all the people that are.  And it seems wearing a singlet makes you stronger because this was some of the best benching I’ve had in a very long time.  The double at 225 wasn’t the prettiest thing but it’s also 15lbs heavier than any other paused double I’ve ever done.  And I haven’t even started my peaking cycle yet.

The close grip was a little dicier.  I may have gotten a little greedy.  But the 205 felt so good I was sure the 215 would work.  I didn’t.


Yoga was cancelled but there was still squatting and pressing to be done.

A. front squat 3×3, amrap set 3 240/7
B. press 3×5, amrap set 3 120/8

Both of these are coming along nicely.  For both my front squat and my press, it wasn’t that long ago that these weights were my 1RM.  So it feels good to be able to hit them for multiple sets and reps.  Or at least as good as front squat and press ever feel.

Other stuff

The Soap Box

The Soap Box

Next weekend is Maryland States.  I’ve already mentioned that I’m not competing but it’s going to be busy weekend.  I have 3 lifters to handle on Sunday and I’m volunteering all day Saturday and part of Sunday morning.    I’m going to climb up on my soap box for a minute…….  Putting on a meet or any other kind of athletic competition, anything from a 5K to a Crossfit competition, takes a lot of work from a lot of people.  None of these things happen without volunteers.  None of us get to play unless others are willing to work.  So if there’s a competition near you and you aren’t competing (or have some time after you compete), take the time to support the sports you love.  And to everyone volunteering with me and who’s ever volunteered so I could lift……..  Thank You!


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