2014 American Open Training Week 6 – Power Athlete Team Series

2014 American Open Training Week 6 – Power Athlete Team Series

Sep 24, 2014


Tuesday was a pretty standard day………..

A. squat 1×10+ 275/15
B. paused squat 3×5 285 all
C. SLDL 3×6 250, 265, 280
D1. supermans 3×15
D2. leg raises 3×15 10# all sets

On the squats I was told to cap the 10+ at 15 reps and as I came up on my 15th rep, I had this vague thought of doing one more, just out of spite.  And then I decided I didn’t hate myself quite that much.


First off, notice all the red.  That’s all the stuff that I should have gotten done that I didn’t.  Because I was over an hour late getting to the gym.  Because some times being a responsible adult sucks.

A. DL 8×4 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300, 310, 320
B. def DL 3×6 315, 325, 335
C. bench 5×3 185, 195, 200, 205, 210
D. CG bench 3×5, amrap set 3 175 all
E. wt situps 3×15-20 25 all

We also kept the weight on the deadlifts a bit lower then I ordinarily would have since I was deadlifing on Saturday…….


Saturday -Power Athlete Team Series

I took Saturday off from normal training to compete in the Power Athlete Team Series put on by Crossfit Football.

Pre-Competition Selfie of Team All Muscle No Hustle

Pre-Competition Selfie of Team All Muscle No Hustle

So showing up to a Crossfit competition with 3 powerlifters and only one real crossfitter is like showing up with a knife to a gun fight.  OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.  But it was pretty close.

The first event of the day was to find a Crossfit Total (squat, bench, deadlift, and power clean) in 20 minutes as a team.  Evey one was assigned a lift and could have as many attempts as we could squeeze in in the 20 minutes.   Our first problem is that even with about 650lbs of plates, we didn’t have enough weight at our station to load more than 1 bar (every team was given 2) at a time.  Which is kind of a good problem to have.  So we grabbed an extra set of 45’s (which still didn’t completely solve the problem) and got to work.  It was kind of a mixed bag and only one of us hit any kind of a PR but we still won the even with a 1515 total which was 80lbs more than the next closest team.

Aleah's 215lb Power Clean PR.

Aleah’s 215lb Power Clean PR.

So we won the one event we set out to win just as a matter of pride………  And it was pretty much all down hill from there.

The next event was lateral box jumps and sprints.  I’m not even going to talk about how that went.  Lets just say that I let my team down in stellar fashion on the box jumps for the second year in a row and move on.

Event 3 was a chipper where everyone got a movement based on what their lift was.  So if you squatted you had to do weighted pull-ups (which is why I deadlifted in the total), bench got deficit push-ups, power clean got dumbbell snatch and deadlift got rowing for calories.  Everyone had a minute to do as many reps as possible in their movement.  All the other team members has to hold a 405lb deadlift while they were waiting their turn.

We look pretty composed here

We look pretty composed here

In case you can’t tell from looking at the picture, that’s a lot of ass to get between the plates on the deadlift.  As soon as we lined up to try it, we knew that was going to be the biggest problem since the weight was pretty light for us.  The second problem was our feet.  The first time we put it down after testing it during the warm up, we (mostly I) managed to put it down on my foot.  Thankfully we didn’t drop it and we were using bumpers so it just kind of rolled off without doing any actual damage.  It did get me one of those looks when they were going over the movement standards and doing the safety briefing though.  Yep, I’m that guy……

Event 4 was all skills.  We had a behind the head ball toss, a vertical jump, a kneeling chest pass and a broad jump.  We didn’t wow anyone but we didn’t embarrass ourselves.

And then we got the final event of the day………  If you’ve never done Kalsu, let me just say it’s bad.  Like really bad.  As workouts go, it may be one of the worst things you can do to yourself.  We got a team version of Heavy Kalsu.  So each team has to do 100 thrusters (155 for men and 105 for women) and 100 one legged burpees over the bar in sets of 5 and 5.  The video of the movement standard is here because it’s just too hard to explain.  Again, the thrusters were light for us but in general we were just too slow (mostly I was too slow) on the burpees.  Also, I’m clumsy and I’m fairly amazing I didn’t manage to fall down while doing these.  We didn’t finish in the time cap.

So at the end of the day, we placed 6th out of 8 teams.  Yay for not being last!

All Muscle No Hustle indeed.  Next year we’re going to get shirts that say “Power Athlete“.

And because competitions always teach you something………

What I Learned:

1.  My team is the best.  I know everyone probably feels this way about their team but I know I’m right.

2.  Box Jumps are the worst thing ever.  But I should probably learn to do them.  Just as soon as they stop scaring the shit out of me.

3.  Holy crap, I’m slow.  No, really, really slow.  It’s sort of embarrassing.

4.  Related to the slow……  My conditioning is not so good.  And that’s probably being generous.  I should work on that.

5.  For the first time, I really got to see how far forward and down my shoulders are when I deadlift.  I knew it was happening but, damn, more stuff to fix.

PATS Total

And I look super happy here……

6.  Competing in a Crossfit competition pretty much reaffirms what I’ve always seen training with and around Crossfitters.  They are some of the nicest, most supportive people I know.  Everyone cheered for everyone else.  Everyone offered advice and encouragement.  Aside from all the running and jumping, it was almost like a powerlifting meet.

7.  It’s time to clean out my gym bag.  Seriously.  Because you shouldn’t ever go looking for a wayward wrist wrap and find 5 pairs of gently used socks.  Ever.



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