2014 American Open Training Weeks 14 and 15 – Let the Meet Prep (And the Stupidity) Begin!

2014 American Open Training Weeks 14 and 15 – Let the Meet Prep (And the Stupidity) Begin!

Nov 23, 2014

Week 14


The squat drama continued.  Since we’re starting meet prep, I don’t have any set weights to hit from here on out.  So for my first day of meet prep, I was supposed to work to a heavy triple.  This isn’t a 3RM but it also shouldn’t be easy.  I really wanted to hit 410 or so for the day and kind of make up for last week.

I managed to grind out a triple at 390 that looked and felt like crap and decided that was it.  I could feel something pulling around my left IT band.  It didn’t hurt but it definitely wasn’t right.  Based on how that felt, I knew there was no reasonable way I was going to be able to to another set at a heavier weight.  I tried to do the backoff sets at 90% but I only got in one set.   On the last rep of that first set, the pulling got worse and wandered around and across the top of my knee.  I have not idea what this is but it was uncomfortable enough to not want to push it and possibly really mess something up.  This means I also skipped the paused squats I was supposed to do.

I was able to redeem myself a bit on bench.  The goal was to work up to 3 x 6-8 paused reps with the last set being no more than 6.  Sets were 175 x 8, 195 x 6 and then 200 x 4.  I would have liked the last set to go more than 4 but it just wasn’t there.

After all that, I scrapped the assistance stuff I should have done and went home.


Thursday was my first heavy deadlift day in a while.  My whole goal was to work up to a heavy 1.  On the whole, I can’t really complain…..   I managed to work up to 43o  without any real drama.  This was definitively a gym PR.  I’m also pretty happy with how fast the warm up went.  I’ve been looking at ways to save some energy by decreasing the number of warm ups while trying to make sure I’m still actually warmed up.  The back off sets didn’t feel so good.  It was one set of 370 for as many reps as possible.  I got 3.  There should have been more (noticing a theme here yet?) but my hamstrings kind of freaked.

Finished out the day with a mess of rows.  Like too many to even talk about.


Since the meet prep started, I’m now squatting twice a week again.  So I got to take another whack at my squats again.  This time I managed to work u to 405 for a triple with no problem.  I also managed to get through all the back off sets…….  Too bad  they weren’t at the right weight.   Instead of the 360 for 3 x 3 I should have done, I did 350.  Math is hard.

Bench also went slightly better.  Same deal as Tuesday but this time I got the 200 for 5.  So even though I didn’t finish all the reps, I still improved.


Week 15


Squats for this week were all heavy doubles.  This makes me stupidly happy.  I’m really kind of done with the volume and really test stuff out.  The set at 395 felt good.  The set at 415 felt better.  The set at 430 was kind of a mixed bag.  On the one hand, WooHoo!!!  My heaviest double at the end of the last cycle was 410.  On the other hand, that second rep was kind of ugly.  My chest got down a bit and it took a lot of energy to get myself back in position and up.  I actually don’t remember the top half of the lift.  I do remember a fair amount of profanity and being determined to stand it up so we didn’t have to unload the bar to put it back on the hooks if I failed the rep.  Especially since I’d have to reload it for my back off sets.

Oh and the back off sets?  4 x 3 at 365.  It took me the first 2 sets to recover from my double so they felt rough.  And then the last set was the last set and that always sucks.

The reps for my bench are starting to go down too.  3 x 4-6.  And this time I finished them.  185 x 6, 200 x 6, 210 x 4.


I wish I could say the deadlifts for a heavy double went as well as my squats.  The double at 405 felt pretty good.  And then I got greedy.  I really, really still want to hit that double at 420.  And the reason I still want it is because I missed it.  I got the first one.  But the second got to about my knees and then I felt something in my back get soft and I let it go.

I finished out the day with some light-ish stiff leg deadlifts and more rowing.


After the not so pretty second squat on Tuesday and the failed deadlift, the plan for Saturday was to hit another double at 430 (at most) with the goal of it being clean.  That was the plan.  I hit my first double at 400 and my second at 420.  They both felt fine.  And that’s when the stupid started.  I decided that 2.5 more pounds wouldn’t make any difference and would be a nice PR so I loaded up the bar with 432.5……..  And failed the second rep.  I’m not sure why.  I think I just got out of the groove.

Bench didn’t go any better.  They all felt heavy and I only managed to gut out one rep at 210.

I should have also found a 1RM for my close grip bench but that clearly wasn’t going to be any good so I went home and sulked for a bit.

AND…..  Just to make my Saturday just a little more epic, one of my training partners tattled on me to my coach who wasn’t there.  Said coach then immediately texted me and revoked my decision making privileges.  What does that look like?  Like this:





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