2014 Arnold Raw Challenge Week 10 – When Life Attacks, Part 2

2014 Arnold Raw Challenge Week 10 – When Life Attacks, Part 2

Feb 13, 2014

This week did not get off to an auspicious start.  I knew it was going to be a little rocky.  The next couple weeks will be with my new promotion (congratulations and condolences gladly accepted…..), but I had no idea just how rocky it was going to get.


The plan was to be out of work by around 4:30 to actually get to the gym on time because I knew I would be hitting my last heavy sets of squats before the Arnold.  That was the plan…..  You know that saying about how no plan survives first contact with the enemy?  Right now, work is the enemy.  After having basically the day from hell, I didn’t leave the office until after 6 and didn’t get to the gym until almost 6:30.  And I was phenominally pissed when I got there.

I know some of you are thinking that’s a good thing and that all that anger was going to get put to good use.  I would love for that too have been true but for me it isn’t.  I don’t lift angry.  It just isn’t how I’m wired and I find it more of a distraction than anything.  But there was work to do and by the time I’d gotten through my warm-ups and ranted a little bit, I was calmed down enough to get to the serious work.  Just 3 singles……….


…..405.  Which felt better than 385……..

….  And 415.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXovuqE0SQw[/pro-player]

My original plan was to try to hit 420 but at the end of a long, mentally draining day, I just wasn’t in the right head space for it.  Better to hit 415 with authority than to mind f@%$ myself over nothing this close to the Arnolds.

And that was it for the night.  Running so late meant that I didn’t have any time for any of the assistance work I was supposed to do.  I thought about getting mad again and then decided, “Screw it.  I’m going home and getting pizza.”

Little tip by the way……  Make sure that when you make that kind of grand announcement that none of your training partners are in the beginning phases of a cut and haven’t had any carbs for 2 days.  I became unpopular pretty damn quick.


Second day of training for the week, another day of leaving work late.  Not as bad as Tuesday thankfully but still 45 minutes later than I’d planned.

Luckily, it was deload day for front squats 1 x 5 at 105, 135 and 155 so that went pretty quickly.  After this I should be looking at testing a 1RM and then resetting my progression but with only 2 weeks to go, we’re going to wait until after I come back to do all that.  So the next couple of weeks will probably be just some light-ish, low volume-ish squats to help me warm up my deadlift.

And speaking of deadlift…..  One set of 2+ at 350.  We’re actually going to finish out this cycle a little lighter than the last one since it’s shorter so I wanted to make sure that I at least got more reps.  I finished with 7.  They all looked and felt pretty good.  The last 2 were a little hitchy and probably the last 3 or 4, I started to see black spots and sparkles at lockout.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYc9su4IELU[/pro-player]

Finished out the day with 3 x 5 stiff leg deadlifts from a 4″ deficit (225, 255, 275) and 3 x 10-12 dumbbell rows at 70lbs (12. 11, 12).

As usual there was more to do but I just didn’t have time to finish it.


Saturday was better and I did actually manage to get there on time.  It helps quite a lot that there wasn’t really an opportunity for anything to go wrong before I had to be there.

Bench was 5 x 2 with 1 minute of rest between sets.  So 155, 170, 180, 190, and 200 with all those reps paused.  They all felt pretty good.  200 was a little bit slower than I would have liked but it still went up nice and smooth so I’ll take it.

After last weeks failure at Press, I got to reset and start a phase of 8’s.   So 3 x 8 at 75lbs.  These felt way too easy after all the heavier work at 10 reps.  For a second I was tempted to do a fourth set just so it didn’t feel so much like I was cheating.  Then I looked at the rest of my programming and decided that was dumb.

Finished out the day with 3 x 10-15 inclined bench (95 x 15, 105 x 15, 115 x 6+3+1), 3 x 15 GHD sit-ups (BW, 10, 20) and 3 x 10 (25, 35, 45) skull crushers.  And this is pretty much where my workout went to hell.  The incline bench felt great……  Until it didn’t.  I’ve done 115 for 15 reps before so I’m not certain what happened exactly but it definitely wasn’t my day for this.  The skull crushers were also interesting.  On the first rep, I got this shooting pain that ran from my elbow down into my pinky.  Same thing on the second rep.  Went and got a lacrosse ball and found a whole mess of nastiness.  Once I got that mostly worked out, they felt fine.  But it’s pretty clear that my triceps are sad and kind of pathetic.

And that was supposed to be the end……  Then “someone” mentioned the prowler.  I haven’t pushed the prowler in forever.  I probably shouldn’t have been doing it now.  You know, since we’re supposed to be thinking about recovery and all that at this point.   But “someone” said we’d just do a few and it wouldn’t be that bad.  “Someone” is a dirty liar.  “A few” turned out to be 10 x 30m at 165lbs.  And that really might not have been that bad except that it was cold and the sled pushed like it was sticking to the pavement.  We started out with the assumption we would just take turns and use the other persons turn as our rest (I admit my part in thinking that was a good idea.)  That lasted like 3 rounds.  After that rest was however long it took us to meander back to the start and for me to make sure I wasn’t going to hurl.  And after all that, was a leisurely walk around the building to shake the prowler flu before I tried to drive home.  All of this clearly means I need more prowler in my life next cycle.


Yoga!  I’ve got a lot of weird going on from all the heavier work right now.  But the yoga is definitely helping.  Even if doing it isn’t completely painless either.  Long lunges are especially awesome for me right now even though trying to square my hips caused a huge pop in my left hip.  It scared the crap out of me but it felt really good and lose after that for the first time in days.

Two weeks more weeks of training and we’re off.


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