2014 Rise of the Deadlift

2014 Rise of the Deadlift

Oct 28, 2014

2014-10-19 22.22.16

Well, that sucked.  I should have been with the team for the 2014 APF/AAPF Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress at 2XL Powerlifting LLC in Lombard, Illinois on October 19, 2014.  Instead, I was stuck at a Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida at a business conference.  I did make a point out of posing with my little friend, Lego Hulk.

There was a lot of preparation before the meet preparing the 3600+ sq ft facility for 58 push-pull athletes and, what was later counted as 113 guests and staff, accounting for a total of ~180 people fitting into the space.

Meet results and video will be at the end of this article.  We will also discuss results from a survey performed of attendees and some post-meet responses.  All pictures and charts in this article can be expanded by clicking on them and then clicking back in the browser to return to the article.

2014-10-18 18.15.07

^^Pre-Meet Stage

At the airport I checked the security camera and got this before everyone arrived:

2014-10-19 11.39.47

^^Security footage – damn… I have to fix the date and time!  It was actually October 19, 2014 just prior to 9am.

2014-10-28 21.35.07

^^As the meet was full swing

2014-10-28 21.35.32

^^Reviewing the surveys and social media – no complaints we were aware of concerning judging.  Pictured – 2XL’s own Justin Sepe

The meet had three flights each of bench and deadlift with only three equipped lifters.  As a result, even with a one hour break, the meet started at 9am and was over by 3pm (ish).  Comments included: “Smoothly run, flights moved quickly.” and, “The equipment was awesome, especially the grip of the pad on the bench. The trophies were unique and I especially liked how the whole meet was recorded in HD.”  (Yes, it was… the full video is below).


^^At the time of this report only 12 of the 58 responded with a majority finding that the meet tended towards ‘excellent.’  No, staff did not reply to the survey.

There were only four negative comments which included: “I wish there was a little bit more room.”  The others related to a mis-load (we are reviewing the video) and having to change near a tarp ( the bathroom is a little small – we compensated with multiple porta-potties).

General comments on the meet were along the lines of: “Jackie Stone did a great job announcing! ” – which we perfectly agree with only Amy Jackson being a true contender.  OK, Michigan greats Benjamin Sanda (who will be one of the computer jockeys at WPCs in a few weeks) and Jerome Cook as contenders… if you don’t count Donnie Thompson kicking ass (how the heck to you make announcing a cardio sport?)… Oh, all right – there are lots of great announcers.  However, the hometown heroes are Jackie and Amy.

The following responses related to the venue, staff and safety.

Chart_Q7_141028 Chart_Q9_141028 Chart_Q10_141028 Chart_Q11_141028 Chart_Q12_141028

Following are the results of the meet and links to the video after:

Beast of the Bench Press 2014

^^Bench Press Results

Rise of the Deadlift 2014

^^Deadlift Results

^^Bench press all lifters all flights! (that’s how we roll!)

^^Deadlift all lifters all flights!

A few final notes.

The first one is a little negative, but I find it got under my skin a little.  What scumbag goes into someone else’s gym and starts handing out fliers for their gym?  Yep, you heard and if you are reading this – take it exactly the way I said it.  I have never in my life done that to another gym or even a business competitor.  You live by your ethics – and that was slimy as hell.  Got the point?  The redemption was that it was pointed out by participants to staff.

Well, as I mentioned, I could not be there.  I was giving multiple workshops on variable frequency drives, torsional analysis of electric machines and electrical motor diagnostics, was elected to Secretary of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, hung out with professional friends while keeping tabs on another group of professional friends at another conference I was also supposed to be attending at the same time in Iowa.  However, given the choice – Disney won out.

1620951_880474651970699_5039976940146425509_n 2014-10-19 19.40.03




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