2014 USAPL Raw National Week 11 -Humility, Road Trips and Cheering on the Home Team

2014 USAPL Raw National Week 11 -Humility, Road Trips and Cheering on the Home Team

May 30, 2014


Squats for the day were 6 x 2 with a minute rest starting at 285.

A. squat 6×2 285

Then I hit 3 x 5 paused squats at 335.  I got busted last week for my pauses looking more like a California stop so I tried to make sure they were actually totally and completely paused.  I think I succeeded because there were a few too many people watching me like they thought something might have gone wrong and they were going to have to save me.

Finished out the day with:

C. SLDL 3×6 225
D1. bench 4×1 185, 205, 220, 230
D2. wt situps 4×10 20

I was pretty damn excited about the bench.  The goal for the day was to work to a heavy single and bench has been going so well lately, I was really looking forward to testing it.  And Boom!  23o for a single  (and yes, if you listen to the video you can tell I was a little surprised too).


Warmed up with 1 x 5 at 190 and 2 x 5 at 195 Front Squats and then moved onto heavy deadlift.

So 3 x 2 starting at 370 and working up to a heavy double.  My goal going into the day was 410.  But 370 and 395 felt so good I figured “What the hell……..” and tried 415.

415 x 2 Fail

I’d like to say that I’m upset about missing it but I’m not.  I am a little bummed because it would have been very cool.  But I’ve had a couple of really good weeks where I’ve made some very good progress (and the bench from Tuesday).  But it’s always good to get reminded (hopefully gently) that you aren’t completely invincible.  I was definitely due for a bad day and if this was it…….Meh.  I hit a solid(-ish) gym PR that’s only about 3 lbs off my best meet PR.  So I’ll take it and we’ll try it again when I start the taper.


C. Snatch Grip DL 3×6 225, 275, 295

There was some other assistance work that was supposed to get done but I got off work late again (shocking, I know) and just didn’t have time to get to it.


Saturday was an exceptionally busy day.  We started out by going down to Virginia to watch the Crossfit Mid Atlantic Regionals and cheer for Crossfit Syndicate (12 Labours) with a bunch of other folks from the gym.


I can honestly say that cheering that hard is exhausting.  Especially when you catch yourself trying to help someone lift.  You know, like using the imaginary emergency break on the passenger side of the car (you know you’ve done it.)

After that we wandered (literally since my GPS freaked out and stopped giving me directions so we took the scenic route to get there) to SSPT to play with their toys.

Training for the day was:

A. bench 1×6+ 180/9
B. press 4×5 105
C. wide grip paused bench 5×5 137,151, 170, 182,187.5

Again, I didn’t manage to get any of my assistance done after the crazy morning in VA and getting there late from being lost.

We did have time to get a quick picture though.

We did have time to get a quick picture though.

And that was pretty much it for the week.  We headed back down to Virginia Sunday to watch the final day of Mid Atlantic Regionals and got to watch Crossfit Syndicate finish second and qualify for the the Crossfit Games in July.  I’m not sure I know a harder working group of people and I’m so excited for them.  Congratulations y’all!

Going to the Games!!

Going to the Games!!


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