2014 USAPL Raw National Week 12 -The Grind and Getting Fussed At

2014 USAPL Raw National Week 12 -The Grind and Getting Fussed At

Jun 9, 2014

So here we are…….  6 weeks of training left before Nats.  And the point in my training where I start to just kind of be done with things.  I’m close enough to the meet to start thinking about it and considering what my attempts might be but still too far out to make any real plans.  I’m a little bored with my program (which has nothing to do with the program and everything to do with my ADD) because we’ve already been going for 3 months and I’m ready to change stuff.  Luckily for me, the meet prep cycle starts next week (or at least that’s the rumor) and we’ll get to change some stuff up and start figuring out how much progress I’ve really made this cycle.  So I just have to get through the grind of this week……..


So the last week of the programming before the taper is also the last plus set of squats (I hope…..) 1 x 6+ at 350.  I got 6.  And it’s weird because the whole time I was doing them, they felt fine.  I was pretty sure I had at least 8.  And then there was just nothing.  Even looking at the video, I can’t tell what went wrong.

Paused squats were 3 x 3 at 340.  It looks like I’ve going to continue to struggle to get these right for a minute or two.  I fixed the California Pause but now I’m sitting back into them too much.  So really, anything I can do to make these feel easier it seems.  Even if that completely defeats the purpose of doing them.

Stiff Leg Deadlift from a 4″ deficit was 1 x 6 at 225 and then 2 x 6 at 235.  These still feel a little bit dicey but I think they’re finally starting to click fo me so that’s something at least.

And then:

D1. incline bench 3×15 95, 115, 120
D2. BB shrug 3×10 245, 295, 325
D3. situps 3×25



My squat drama continued on my front squats.  3 x 5 at 195 and honestly, they felt pretty good.  As long as you didn’t pay any attention to the fact that I was sitting back into these too and letting my chest drop.  Which maybe wouldn’t be such an issue if the whole point of them was to work on keeping my chest up as assistance for my back squat.   Lucky me, no one is going to let me get away with this kind of BS (which I swear I don’t do on purpose.  I’m not trying to cheat.  I just sometimes do.)

This was my last speed set of deadlifts for the cycle.  So 6 x 2 starting at 285.  The goal of these was to keep them quick and not to sacrifice speed for weight.  Does anyone really need to ask how these went and how successful I was with that goal?  Anyone?  Yeah…….  I worked up to 385 in 20lb jumps.  My set at 365 felt great.  385 was probably a bit of a reach.  It was not fast.  It was so not fast I felt obligated to make excuses for it in my training log.

Last bit for the day was 4 x 5 block pulls (335, 355, 375 and 385) and 3 x 15 GHD sit-ups.



Started out my morning with heavy 3 x 2 bench.  Bench has been feeling strong so I was really looking forward to these.  I really wanted to hit 225 for a double.  We’re also starting to do a lot of these with commands because 1) it’s good for me to hear them and 2) getting the bench command keeps me from thinking too hard about the pause.  195 felt great.  So did 210.  So we went for 225……..

And I missed the second rep.  Apparently, it’s just been that kind of week.  “Can I try it again?”


I didn’t even just get told no.  I got told no and got the stupid look.  What’s the stupid look?  It’s that look that very clearly says “you’ve lost your damn mind and I can’t even believe you just said that.”  You probably got it from your parents at some point.  And if you’re like me, you’ve also gotten it from coaches and bosses from time to time.

So I sulked for a minute and then got on with the rest of my day.

Press was 4 x 5 at 110.  It felt good.  I am sad though that it looks like this is going to be my last week pressing until after Nats.  This makes me sadder than I would expect.

CG Bench was 3 x 12-15 at 105, 130 and 145.  I should say that breaking out coughing in a middle of a set isn’t really conducive to finishing the set.  So 145 (because of course it happens on the heavy set) was actually a set of 11 and then 3 more once I stopped coughing.  I blame all the chalk dust that was floating around in the air.

And finally:

D1. skull crushers 3×10 35, 45, 55
D2. BB curls 3×10-15 35, 45, 55×15
D3. hang leg raises 3×10


So you can kind of imagine just how much noise these two are capable of........

I’ve been a bum and have no pictures of my training.  So you get happy huskies instead.


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