2015 NAPF Regional Championships Week 1 and 2 – Nonsense and Digging a Hole

2015 NAPF Regional Championships Week 1 and 2 – Nonsense and Digging a Hole

Jun 2, 2015

Not really week 1 and 2 of training since I never really stopped training because I thought I might be doing this.  And big shocker to everyone that I’m running a little bit behind again.  Maybe we shouldn’t be thinking of this as a normal, weekly scheduled thing for a little bit.  It’ll just be a bit of a surprise.  Like *Poof* there’s a new blog!  Surprise!  Cue the balloons and confetti!  (And I do know that I’m the only one that probably thinks that’s even a little bit funny.)

Week 1

Monday was my first real heavy squat day of this cycle.  I went in with high hopes but I didn’t quite get what I wanted.  I started with a double at 400 that felt OK but not great.  It didn’t feel heavy but it also didn’t quite feel right.  The next double at 405 felt better.  The last double at 410 didn’t happen.  I got forward a bit coming out of the hole and just lost the whole thing.  After some profanity, I moved on did a couple of sets of paused squats that at least felt better.

In the middle of all this, I was sitting in a chair during a rest between sets watching folks bench and when I went to get up…….  I realized I’d managed to pick the chair up with me.  I quick survey of my surroundings confirmed that yes, there were indeed witnesses.  What followed is pure nonsense.  After pushing the stuck chair off of my hips, one of my training partners tried to see if he could do the same thing.  He couldn’t.

One of these chairs.  No one's ass is as epic as mine.  I have mixed feelings about this.

One of these chairs. No one’s ass is as epic as mine. I have mixed feelings about this.

Wednesday I tackled front squats and deadlifts.  My front squats are still going very well and I managed to work through a triple at my previous 1RM.  So I was pretty stoked when I got to my deadlifts.  Even though they were supposed to be 398 x 15 x 1.  I got through 8.  On the 9th rep, I felt all the tightness go out of my lower back as the bar got to my knees so I just dropped it.  Thinking maybe it was a fluke, I tried again and couldn’t get it past my about mid shin so that was that.  I did manage to rack pull 435 for 3 after this though so I felt a tiny bit better about things.


Friday I only had time to bench because I got off work so late.  So I worked up to from 165 to 215 in 6 sets of 2 and then packed it in for the week.

Week 2

Monday was a holiday of course so they gym was technically closed.  But while everyone else was doing Murph, I was doing all the squats.  They didn’t go quite as I planned.  Even at the beginning of my 6 x 2 (315) they felt a little slow and awkward.  I worked up to my last set at 395 and failed on the first rep.  For whatever reason, none of them had felt fast and in the groove.  So I backed off to 315 and did 3×3 just trying to get them to feel more normal.  I also squeezed in a mess of bench, close grip bench and curls just because all the folks wandering around in tank tops made me feel I needed to up my game.

Where are all the people?

Where are all the people?

Wednesday………… They gym was almost completely empty which just felt weird.  Training was a total mixed bag.  I hit a a new front squat 1RM of 300 and it felt like I could have easily done it for a double.  Maybe even a triple.  And then there was deadlift.  The plan for the day was 409.5 for 12 x 1.  Even though I missed the sets last week, we figured we’d try it again for one more week and see what happened.  I psyched myself out and missed the very first rep I tried.  But stuff happens.  So I walked it off and tried again.  I got to 6 and failed hard.  Twice.  So I cut the weight to 385 figuring I’d finish them there.  And failed 385.  This is where the contrariness and hate took over.  I cut the weight to 365 and finished the last 6.  Too bad my back locked up as soon as I tried to unload the bar.  I managed to get it to let go by stretching and sitting down for a bit.  I got through all my pressing without any drama and then did some rack pulls at 445 which all felt fine.

By the time I got home, and was no longer contrary and hateful, I had to admit that pushing things was probably a really bad idea.  In fact, it was stupid.  Possibly really stupid.  I probably should have stopped when I failed at 409.5 the second time. I definitely should have stopped when I failed at 385. There’s a strong chance that all this did was dig me a little deeper into the hole of fatigue I was already sitting in and it won’t be worth it at all if it screws over the next few weeks of training.

By Friday, stuff felt less fine.  Twisting in my chair Friday morning caused something in my back to panic and it felt like someone stabbed me with a hot poker until I untwisted.  I also couldn’t stand for more than about 10 minutes without it locking up pretty badly.  But I worked on it a bit and it felt good enough to bench at least.

In what is turning into a disturbing trend, I was late getting off work again and I only had time to bench.  So I benched up to a set of 6+ at 200.  Then I benched back down through 165 x 6, 155 x 8, 145 x 10, 135 x 12, 95 x 20.

Saturday it was off to the 2015 USAPL Syke Out Classic to watch some lifting and help a couple of lifters.

Congratulations to Andy and Jared!

Congratulations to Andy and Jared!

Other Stuff

So here I sit, getting ready to go on a small vacation, planning out my last couple weeks of training around the sketchy back, typing all of this up.  And I’m thinking about all the stuff that I’ve seen happen in the last couple of weeks.  To be honest, the world hasn’t been very kind to a lot of people I know.  Family, friends, team mates…….  If the bad stuff didn’t happen to them directly, it happened to people they cared about.  It’s crappy (and that’s a large understatement in some cases) but it causes you to take a moment and really look at where you are.  Life is precious and more fragile than we realize.  Sometimes it’s also tragically too short.  As someone pointed out to me this weekend, there are people who would give anything to be in your shoes.  To be healthy and happy, doing the things they love with the people they love.  So take advantage of all the time you have.  Hold the people you love.  Chase your dreams.  Have an adventure.  Try not to waste too much of the limited time you (and all of us really) have.

And maybe while you’re doing all that for yourself, help someone else do the same.  There are worthy things and people everywhere that need support but since this is a training log…….  Volunteer at a meet/comp.  Help mentor someone that’s coming up in your sport.  If you have a little spare change burning a hole in your pocket, donate to an athlete that’s trying to make the dream happen for them.  Maybe some folks like these ones:

12 Labours Crossfit Going to the Crossfit Games

David Puckett

Becci Holcomb

Mississippi Barbell

If any of you are wondering why my name isn’t up there (and thank you for wondering)……  I’ve been incredibly lucky.  Through some serious dumb luck, ended up working for an employer who takes a serious interest in supporting their employees.  Even when the thing they’re doing has absolutely nothing to do with their job.  Because of this, I’m good.  So to all the folks at Trisept, thank you again.

Oh and one final thing……  It appears that at some point I left my phone unattended and out of my gym bag at the gym.  Because of that, I found this when I was loading pictures for this weeks blog:


Everyone say hello to Ryan, one of the owners of Crossfit 12 Labours

Apparently it’s a thing that if you leave your phone out, Ryan takes selfies with it.  I told him if he was going to take pictures on my phone, I was going to post them in my training blog.  So there.



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