2015 Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge Week 10 – The End

2015 Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge Week 10 – The End

Mar 4, 2015

Since I’m finishing the last bit of everything trying to get ready to head out the door for Columbus (even as Mother Nature tries to screw up my trip), I’m just going to jump straight into the last week of training.


Tuesday I got a do over of my heavy single from Saturday.  By this point, I’d spent the rest of the weekend with a TENS unit stuck to various locations on my butt and hip and everything was feeling pretty normal.  I walked into the gym planning to hit the same weights I hit on my last heavy day before the American Open and I was pretty optimistic about it.  But as usual lately, it didn’t quite work out.  I got up to 435 without any drama (so much better than Saturday).  Then I missed 450.  I’ve looked at the video over and over and it looks fine.   There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it to have failed.  Unracking it, it felt good.  It wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t especially nervous about it.  But coming out of the hole, I could feel my weight shift a bit forward into my toes and that was that.

Bench went better.  I hit a nice paused double at 230 and I’m right on track with where I wanted to be.


Thursday is where things really started getting interesting.

I got out of work a bit later than I planned and was working on a pretty healthy headache by the time I got to the gym.  I wrote it off to sitting in meetings all afternoon and just being kind of tired and got to work on my last deadlifts.  I didn’t have much.  Just no more than 3 heavy singles starting at 415 and going up no more than 10 lbs.  415 was good.  425 was OK.  We went for 435 which would have been a good gym PR.  It came to my knees like I was going to clean it and then my upper back lost tightness and the lift was over.  It says something about how tired I was feeling that I didn’t even kind of think about trying to gut it out.

So I finished up my workout and headed home.  By the time I got half way there, I started getting the chills.  A quick check on the thermometer at home proved that I did in fact have a low grade fever.  Damn.  Thinking about dinner made me queasy.  DAMN.  I managed to down a protein shake and an orange and went to bed only to wake up a couple of hours later with a full blown stomach bug.



By Friday night, the bug was gone and I was actually able to get some solid food in me and get some actual sleep.  Saturday morning, I felt pretty good.  Not normal, but good.  I had that kind of buzzy feeling you get when you haven’t really eaten enough.  Almost like you’ve had too much caffeine and you’re a little wired.  A bit weak but still somehow with enough energy to conquer the world.  I feel like I’m explaining it badly but I think that’s probably the best description.  So I chugged a double protein shake and biggest banana I could find and hit the gym for my last heavy bench.

We benched first because I just wasn’t sure how much energy I was really going to have and I wanted to make sure I got in some actual heavy singles with commands.  And they all felt really good.  My goal for the day was to hit a single heavier than 230.  Anything over that, even 2.5lbs was going to be gym PR and I figured it would set me up pretty nicely for a small meet PR.  235 went off without a hitch so we went a head to 240.  And it went up.  It was slower than I would have liked but it went.

After that, I squatted to a heavy double.  Turns out benching first was a good call.  I managed to get up to 415 and they didn’t feel too bad but I could feel myself running out of energy.  Much as I would have liked to hit just one more set, I could also feel that I didn’t really have it.  Still, I didn’t fail any reps and it was a respectable weight considering I was barely over the stomach thing.  Looking back, I can say the same thing about my deadlift.  It wasn’t a PR but pulling over 400 while coming down with something and obviously not at my physical peak isn’t too shabby.

And that was the end of the training cycle…….

Reading this and the posts from the last couple of weeks, I have to admit, they’re kind of downers.  Things haven’t gone as well as I hoped, but that’s just how it goes and I refuse to wallow in it.

So to lighten things up, I leave you with some quotes from my last yoga class that may have been more laughing than actual yoga.  I’ll leave you to wonder how many of my responses were actually out loud.

“Let gravity have your arms.  Let it pull them forward…..”

“Gravity already has my arms.  It’s pulling the wrong way.”

“It’s going to be awesome”

“I’m not sure that word means what you think it does.”

“It should be an intense stretch”

“Kill me.”

And then there were donuts.

yoga and donuts

See y’all at the Arnolds!!

and as usual, if you see me, come say hi.  Just remember…….



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