2015 Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge Week 4- The Bad Week

2015 Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge Week 4- The Bad Week

Jan 19, 2015

They happen.  Every training cycle I have at least one week where nearly everything that can go wrong does.  Some of it is because I make bad decisions (though no more so than usual) and the rest is just really crappy luck.  My general philosophy when they happen is that if I make it out without any injuries or weird that derails the rest of my training, I assume the universe just needed to get some weird out and move on with my life.  I mean it isn’t like it happened at a meet so we’re all good.  Right?


I got to the gym at a decent time and was already to get into some heavier squats.  So I jumped out my car and………


Yes, that’s what it looks like when I’m laying under my own car.

Turns out the parking lot is still a bit icy (because winter sucks) and I managed to step on a good size patch of ice.  I can’t call what happened next falling.  I still had a hold of the steering wheel and had one foot in the car so I sort of oozed out of my car.  The whole time I’m thinking “what the hell…..” because I couldn’t figure out why my foot didn’t just stay where I put it.  And yes, I took a picture because this kind of crap only happens to me.

So with all that out of the way (and having escaped with only a cold, wet spot on my ass and no real damage), I got on with the squatting.  Just 3 heavy doubles starting at 365.  I managed to work up to 410.  They didn’t feel great.  Not heavy or really hard just like I was out of the groove.  I don’t know that I can totally complain though (even though I did a bit in the video).  This is the first time I’ve been over 400 this training cycle and I do still remember when anything over 400 would have been 1) an event that I really had to get hyped for and 2) a miserable failure if there was anything even a little bit off about them.  Still, it also looked like my feet weren’t quite even on the video so maybe this is something we need to watch.

After that, it was just some paused squats and stiff leg deadlifts and I called it a night.


This week may be the first time the new deadlift training has actually made me really nervous.  8 x 1 at 390.  390?  Ummmmm…….  OK.  They’re still singles which is good but I don’t know that I’ve ever pulled 390 for more than maybe a triple.  Even with the minute rest, at the end of the day we’re talking about doing 3 times the number of reps I’ve ever done with this this weight.  I tried not to think about it to much but every time I did, my palms got a little sweaty.

But first there were front squats. 3 x 5 at 200 to get everything warmed up.  These felt a lot better than my back squats did on Tuesday so that gives me hope.

On the whole, the deadlifts went well when I got to them.  All the warm-ups felt good.  And it’s nice to be able to warm up basically the same way I would if I were doing a meet.  It was probably all in my head but the first rep at 390 felt heavy.  The next 5 felt pretty good.  They seventh rep was a little dicey.  On the 8th rep, I think I might have had a small out of body experience.  One of my training partners told me afterwards that it didn’t look like there was anyone home when I finished the last rep and she doesn’t know how I finished it.  But I did.

Sumo went not so well.  My form is still pretty fickle.  But they went so well last week and we made a bit of a jump in the starting weight.  Add that to the fact that I like nice round numbers and you’ll understand just how I got myself into trouble.  My first set at 275 went fine.  The second set at 295 was a little rough but it happened.  I failed the very first rep at 315.  I regrouped and tried again and got through 3.  Then I got one more and I was done.


So it’s clear that the 315 was a bad call.  Also a bad call was all the times I tried and failed.  I really should have called it after the second failure.  You know, when the rational part of my brain was like “Screw this, I’m done.”  The contrary part of my brain talked me into trying one more time for all the good that did me.  And you know I’m done when failing doesn’t even really bother me.


I’d love to tell you about how awesome my bench workout was on Saturday.  About how light everything felt and how fast it all was.  About how the push-ups didn’t kill me this week.  I’d like to be able to say all that.  But I can’t.

Because I woke up Saturday morning feeling weak and kind of woozy.  I told myself I didn’t really feel that bad and I was totally going to make it to the gym.  And I almost had myself convinced right up until I took my temperature.  99.8 degrees.  Shit.  Even if I still could have convinced myself that I could have gone to the gym and had a half way decent workout, exposing everyone else to whatever I had would have just been rude.  So I had a small tantrum and then took my ass back to bed.

Here’s hoping next week will be better.


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