2017 AAPF Nationals Bench Press and Dangers of Judging

2017 AAPF Nationals Bench Press and Dangers of Judging

May 30, 2017

During the weekend of May 26-28, 2017, the 2017 AAPF National Powerlifting Competition was held at the Westin Yorktown in Lombard, Illinois run by 2XL Powerlifting LLC (http://2xlpowerlifting.com) and sponsored by IronAuthority.com, Bulletproof and Overkill.  The complete meet was live streamed and can be found: http://www.2xlpowerlifting.com/live-video-stream/aapf-nationals-may-26-to-28-2017/

Janel Vegter was present for the weekend providing massage and FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) as part of http://2XLBodyWorks.com

I had only three weeks to prepare for the meet as a bench specialist (May 28) as a qualifier for Team USA at AWPC which will be held in Lisle, Illinois this September.  Go to http://worldpowerliftingcongress.com for more information.  I was ill-prepared for the meet but was able to open with 485lb(220kg), with a second at 507lb(230kg) which broke the Masters III SHW State, National and World records which had been in place for over 16 years.  I took a third attempt at 518lb(235kg) and with the fourth 529lb(240kg) I had not chalked my back and when I set up my right shoulder blade slipped on the bench a little.  Towards the bottom I felt the right side slip more and started saying ‘no, I’m not losing this,’ in my head.  Apparently I was also shaking my head – the side spotters almost took it but were directed not to by the lead spotter and head judge.  I touched, was called press and it shot up.

Leading up to the meet my business partner at 2XL, Joe Atef, provided guidance and ensured that we had the gear set right.  At the meet I was set properly each time with excellent hand-offs – so everything came together perfectly.  Now, 12 weeks out, lots of planning and training is in store with the program built around traveling.


During the weekend I was also judging.  Having completed the WPC judge qualifications I took head chair a number of times.  One of the dangers of the head chair position is the ejection of bodily fluids by the lifters.  But I will let the following video tell the story…


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