Made Team Titan!! This year is starting excellent already.

Made Team Titan!! This year is starting excellent already.

Jan 20, 2014

First in case you haven’t seen or heard I am now on Team Titan!!!  I am very excited to be part of such an elite group of lifters. Thanks Titan for the chance. My year is starting off where last year ended, excellent!! I can’t wait to continue my successes into the upcoming meets. With this happeneing I am mentally on fire to start training. Ok enough for now…..

Well now I am down to about 2 weeks till I start training for Worlds and 3 lift Master Nationals.

This week is a repeat of last week.Remember I went with a standard routine. Nothing fancy just basic benching with a basic approach. I am doing a typical pyramid with percentages dictating the weight.

Set 1 50% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 8 reps

Set 2 60% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 6 reps

Set 3 70% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 5 reps

Set 4 80% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 4 reps

Set 5 90% of projected 1 rep max touch and go

Set 6 50% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 10 reps as fast as I can go



I did a couple sets of Large Ram training after the routine. From there went to incline which was good but was pretty spent.

Also I am going to do close grip bench for next couple of weeks on arm days but with NO arch. I find it very tough but once I got a comfortable feel the weight was flying. The goal is not to overload the bar because my muscles are not use to the completely different feel. I intend to strengthen the secondary muscles for the next few weeks. Again another way to hopefully strengthen the bench.

Here is the week.



215 8 reps

260 6 reps

300 6 reps

340 4 reps

370 2 reps

215 10 reps fast as I can do them

370 5 reps large RAM

405 4 reps “         “


245 6 reps

280 5 reps

315 2 reps


Machine side lateral raises

80 10 repsx2

110 8 reps

140 6 reps


Reverse pec deck (to strengthen rear delts for stabilizing)

110,130,150 8 reps each

Standing military press( All reps done fast and explosive even the last set.)

105 5 reps

135 5 reps

160 3 reps

190 3 reps


315 6 reps

445 6 reps

535 5 reps

585 4 reps

495 6 reps

Lat pull

200 6 reps

230 5 repsx2

240 4 reps

Machine pullovers

90 8 reps x2

140 8 reps

190 8 reps


standing dumbbell

50 8 reps

60 6 reps

75 4 reps

preacher curls

45.55 6 reps each

60 4 reps

130 6 reps

155  4 reps


95 8 reps

115,135 6 reps each

155 5 reps

Close grip bench

225 8 reps x3 NO ARCH grip within 1 inch of inner knurl 1 minute rest between sets



Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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  1. Clutch Barrett /

    Having a separate arm day is pretty old school. I’ve been thinking about doing that lately- my lock out has been lagging behind my power off the chest. Is that why you do a separate arm day?

    • Yes I like focusing on stregthening the body parts on their own day. If I tried doing triceps after benching I would be shot and I feel the effectiveness of the tri workout would be sub par.I am fresh on arm day plus the arms are pumped after doing bis which makes the weight fell lighter which helps the mental aspect. Thanks for reading!!

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