2nd week tweaking with gear..Feb12-16

2nd week tweaking with gear..Feb12-16

Feb 27, 2014

I started gear early because I wanted to ease into the heavier weight slower. I started with something I thought was not pushing the envelope too quick. This week I upped it slightly and found I was a little better yet my form was still off, depth in particular. Last meet I rushed into squatting heavy quick because of the call up for Worlds (30 day notice) and my left shoulder never felt right for the 30 days. I blame going from 405 squatting raw for 2 months while training for bench nationals to 515 1st workout after nationals as the culprit. I was not going to make this mistake again.

Next week I’ll be going lighter (squats) then the following week start my actual 7 workouts per cycle.

Here is the video, the recorder was charging most of bench workout so I only caught a couple of sets on the recorder.


Squats Feb 12

415 3 reps no wraps

415 2 “                   “

480 5 reps (deeper then previous week but still high)

520 5 reps”                                                          “

570 walkout and ½ reps -3

Bench Feb 14


305 5 reps

340 5 reps

385 5 reps RAM Large

425 5 reps “         “

380 3 reps raw

315 8 reps medium grip


230 5 reps

280 5 reps

Deads Feb 16

370 3 reps raw sumo

430 5 reps 2 sets

480 3 reps ripped hand open couldn’t continue.

On 480 set the bar just ripped the callouses on my left hand where I was bleeding and could not continue. I believe this is because of the weight and reps that my grip didn’t have the stamina to maintain the grip. Couple of days later I will apply liquid skin and shave it back all the way up to the next deadlift workout.


Well overall how do I feel? Eh. Nothing special but I am excited to bench heavy.

Till next week.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.



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