2XL Strength and Fitness Gym Partnership Success and Tour

2XL Strength and Fitness Gym Partnership Success and Tour

Nov 5, 2017

2XL Powerlifting LLC, also known as 2XL Strength and Fitness (personal training) and 2XL Bodyworks (massage therapy) started out in May of 2014 at the Yorktown Convenience Center at the intersection of I-88 and I-355 at the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Illinois.  The original site was just over 3000 square feet.  Within the first two years, the original 12 Team Stone members grew to about 60 powerlifters and strongmen (and women) with membership about evenly split.  We moved to an 11,000 square foot facility just a few doors down the strip mall at 20 Yorktown Convenience Center, Lombard, Illinois.

Joe Atef, Eric Stone and I started out this adventure as we were seeking a location for our equipment and to train.  Eric Stone, a degreed and certified personal trainer, set up personal training for athletes and special needs quickly moving in to the facility full time.  Since then 2XL has added an increasing number of degreed and certified personal trainers that have skills ranging from athletes to post-physical therapy (stroke and serious illness) and autism to other special needs.  Joe Atef provides close to 25 years of training and powerlifting experience with trainees ranging from teen to 70 years old.  Howard Penrose is the business manager who also owns an engineering company with powerlifting competition and training experience since 1984.  He developed the training program for a high school in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, fielding the physically strongest powerlifting and strongman team for two of four years.

The new facility and team run some of the largest powerlifting meets in the Midwest with the latest ‘local’ push-pull meet having about 60 lifters and 140+ guests from 9am-3pm at the 2XL facility.

On and off-site meets have exceeded 150 average lifters and usually a full 2-3 flights of female lifters.

^APF/AAPF Rise of the Deadlift Beast of the Benchpress^

^Tour of 2XL Powerlifting^

With about 80 powerlifters and strongmen training at 2XL across many federations, specialty training and competition grade equipment, a focus on EliteFTS and Legend Fitness equipment, with multiple stations of each, and over 80 ft of turf, there are few gyms that can match 2XL’s training capability.  That and a constant temperature – the owners found that it was important to maintain a range of 68-72 degrees heating and cooling (yes, the gym is air conditioned during the summer) for training and personal training.  An outside company is used to clean the gym on a regular basis, as well, and the equipment is on a scheduled maintenance program.

^As a powerlifting and strength training club, the individuals goals are shared by the TEAM^

There is a strong sense of TEAM at the facility with all members working together in an effort to help everyone meet their individual goals.

How does the partnership survive 3.5 years, so far?  Dr. Penrose put together a detailed partnership agreement before we even took the first step.  Even as close friends and teammates, it is imperative that partners have detailed operations, duties and responsibilities spelled out and agreed.  This has solved many issues over time.  For instance, a unanimous vote is required in order to make a general gym purchase.  However, each owner can purchase equipment and utilize it at the gym.  In fact, all of the training and accessory equipment is owned by the individual partners – keeping skin in the game.  Buy-out and legacy issues are covered as well as details covering what happens if there is a business closing, personal bankruptcy, death, and other likely and unlikely possibilities.  An insurance is also kept up which covers the owners, employees and subcontractors operating under the direction of the owners on-site or off-site.  There are other contingencies that cover other unforeseeable conditions.

The result is a partnership that has also maintained a friendship that has been in place in excess of the time that 2XL has been in business.

^Bench Specialist Howard Penrose in Training^

^Joe Atef on Squat Day^

^Eric Stone enjoying that rare time that he is NOT the meet director^


For more information, visit our website at http://2xlpowerlifting.com or call 855-PWR-LIFT.


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