3 weeks out from the Arnold

3 weeks out from the Arnold

Feb 12, 2013

So I was doing a little running 2 weeks ago, and I decided to kick it in on my last sprint. As soon as I kicked it in, I felt my hamstring pop. There was instant pain, shock, disbelief, and terror when I felt it. I immediately thought that I was not going to be able to lift at the Arnold. I gave myself about 10 minutes to sulk about it, and then started devising a plan on how to get back as soon as possible. I consulted some friends (Malinda Baum and Stephen Douglas-Galvan, thanks guys) and got some help from my big sis Kimberly Walford who gave me her plan when she had a hamstring strain. With all their help I came up with a plan that involved icing twice a day, light stretching for the first week twice a day, ibuprofen, and kinesio tape (which is amazing). I did all that for the rest of the week, benched on Wednesday, and took Friday (deadlift day) off. The hammy got better everyday, and by Monday it was good  enough to workout with. I did some light squats and deadlifts and didn’t feel any pain, which made me a little optimistic for Friday. I also did some leg curls to help with recovery, and did an extensive warm up before the workout to make sure I wasn’t cold going in. As my leg got better, I increased the intensity of my stretching. I also kept my icing up, and started heating at night. Then came last Friday. I went through my extensive warmup, which includes stretching for about 5 minutes, hip swings, lunges, and free form squats. I did some close stance high bar squats per usual on deadlift day and continued to warm up for some heavy pulls. 3 plates- no pain, 4-plates- no pain, 5 plates?- no pain. By this time I knew I was ready to jump back in it and pull something heavy. I felt no let down for the week I took off, and I was actually feeling good. Threw on my new suit that I got from Titan, and went on to pull the most I ever have in the gym (with a slight hitch), 795! Never felt so pumped before in the gym! And if history serves me correct I’ll be ready to pull something big at the Arnold! Countdown continues…

Link to 795:


Deadlift tip: One-legged hyper-extensions work both sides of your back evenly


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  1. Jack DiBenedetto /

    That’s awesome. good luck man.

  2. Stephen Galvan /

    yeeeeaaaahhhhhh buddy! You know I got your back!!

  3. David M. Bowden /

    Hell yeah. Good conditioning going in, a deload, treatment and a most importantly a plan. Eventually I’ll make it to UT to lift with you guys.

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