3rd wk tweaks……Feb 20-24

3rd wk tweaks……Feb 20-24

Mar 3, 2014

I start benching with the shirt this week and was excited but apprehensive. I never get too excited on the first. The joints, ligaments and tendons are not prepared in a first workout for me to set the world on fire. An injury waiting to happen. As you will see things went fine.  Enough small chat …..

Here is the video for the week.


 Squats Feb 20

415 3 reps no wraps

415 2 “                   “

465 5 reps (deeper then previous week but still high)

495 5 reps”                                                          “

585 walkout and ½ reps -3

505 5 reps

Bench Feb 22


310 5 reps

350 5 reps

480 3 reps 3 board (shirt)

525   “                 “

550 2  “                  “

385 3 reps medium grip raw ,ass way up


245 5 reps

295 5 reps

Deads Feb 24

425 5 reps

460 5 reps

495 3 reps stopped because felt hand losing grip and didn’t want to rip hand again.

410 5 reps conventional

4 sets of stiff leg deads.

Squat was ok feeling better as the weeks go by. The bench was decent. I believe my stamina for handling heavy weight was satisfactory, next week I expect better speed because of having more confidence. The deads were decent , for me. Hand held up and that was THE most important thing .Get through the work out without re-aggravating my hand, mission accomplished.

Next week I should have no excuses. Depth always has me concerned but as along as 80% of my reps are 3 whites I am fine with that since I only need to do one rep. Suit always gives me an issue as I do reps.



Till next week.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.


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