4Life Convention Training Week 1

4Life Convention Training Week 1

Mar 17, 2012

Surprisingly good training week.  Despite having competed in the Arnold Classic and taking it a little light the week after, I sort of jumped back into heavy shirt training for the 4Life Convention Demo on April 20th.  I’ll be at the convention bench pressing in front of thousands of 4Life representatives.  I’ll also get to take part in a special surprise that I’ll let you in on once the convention is over.  Here is the 4Life executive review of the Arnold Classic.

I decided to start over with some of my raw training, so expect that to look a little bit on the light side.  I have been having some forearm extensor issues starting midway down the forearm and into the elbow a little bit, so I am going to do what I can to not aggravate it.  If that means going a little lighter with the raw benching, I don’t mind.

So, here is how training went this week.

Equipped Bench Press
630 x1
660 x1
690 x1
I plan on going up to and over 700 in the next few weeks. 

2 Board
690 x3

Extremely Close Grip
300 x3x10, very light

Active Release Therapy on the forearm, Graston on Pecs, Adjustments, and popped some ribs back in with Underwood Chiropractic.

I also picked up a new sponsor Chiseled 1 Fitness!

I pretty much did nothing but pig out and watch TV.  A glorious day.

Wide Grip Raw Bench Press
400 x5x3, light

Lats – pronated grip

Close Grip Bench Press
375 x4x4, light

275 x10, very light

Rotator Cuff Exercises, Military Presses, Side and Front Raises, Shrugs

Coaching, Judging, and analyzing powerlifter’s programs at the USAPL Missouri State Ozarks Powerlifting Championships.  It will be a busy day.


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