6/16 2nd week of new mini cycle…… Bench reps ugh

6/16 2nd week of new mini cycle…… Bench reps ugh

Jun 16, 2013

Today was second week. Like last week it started the same…. a MISS. I even did an extra warmup set and stretched longer but that didn’t help. The weight is not the issue the issue is I need a pump to start with a heavy 8 rep set. I don’t miss the weight on the 5th set!!! I actually get it for 9!!!! The weight feels lighter because of the pump and becuase I have handle a heavier weight 2 sets earlier. My stamina is good and my floor press did better because I am adjusting. Ass comes up but I really don’t care(bench). I have it nailed down in the meet and for some reason it is a different story in the gym.

Let’s get to it.




335 for 8 (miss)

285 for 8

385 for 4

285 for 8

335 for 9

Floor press

255 for 5

315 for 5

350 for 4

Overall I am happy and next workout I may focus on bench nats. Schedule is up in the air. I look forward to getting away for reps but at the same time change is good!!

Until then Focus First!!





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