A Little About Big – Joe Atef

A Little About Big – Joe Atef

May 25, 2014


^^Joe Atef at 2014 XPC Worlds at the Arnold Classic (video at the end of the article)

Shortly after my return to powerlifting I had Facebook friended a number of lifters I met at a local raw meet.  One of these was the guy who took care of my hand-offs as I was solo-training most of the time and I had only just started meeting other lifters.  One day I see a post by the guy who helped me out, Ahmad “Joe” Atef complaining that he was the only one who showed up for deadlift night.  It was late and I had just finished lifting at the commercial gym I attended.  So I responded and met up with him the following week.

That spawned a two year plus friendship and coaching relationship that has built into a business partnership (to be announced late June, 2014).

Following Joe’s coaching into the 2012 WPC World Powerlifting Championships he assisted my move to the ‘dark side’ of equipped lifting.


^^Joe Atef and I at the 2012 WPC Worlds in Las Vegas before the Big Day!


^^Myself, Mike Randall (see, I told you you’d make it into one of these articles, Mike), and Joe Atef at a very late night bench session at Team Overkill.


^^Matt Penrose, Joe Atef, Ernie Frantz, Myself, Ray Makiejus  2013 APF/AAPF Illinois State Powerlifting Championships


^^Joe Atef – center stage following the 2013 AAPF National Championships

While Joe is a phenomenal lifter, he is also the embodiment of the sport.  A long-time drug-free lifter, he continues to advance up through the weight and when it comes to the grind – he pushes through.  As hard on himself as he is on others, he is constantly improving and helping those around him improve.  Every time I, or other lifters, have needed him, he is there.


^^The first one to show up (along with now fiancé Melissa Gibson – below) at the hospital to check up on me following my June 4, 2013 training accident and 18 hour road trip back for healthcare that would keep me in the sport.


^^Joe and Melissa at Post-Arnold Celebration

Joe has been there to support the greats and, even though he doesn’t often realize it himself, is well known throughout the powerlifting community.


^^ Joe at my come-back meet – the 2013 APF/AAPF Rise of the Deadlift

A few of Joe’s stats:

  • 8-time AWPC Champion
  • 9 best lifter awards across multiple federations
  • 3-time Illinois State bench record holder (open)
  • World Record Submaster Squat
  • World Record Submaster Total
  • 1 National Best Lifter Award
  • Best Total of 2240 lbs
  • Placed #17 in the country for Powerlifting (275 Equipped Open) in Powerlifting Watch
  • 1 Best Lifter USPA California which qualified for the 2014 Arnold Classic (XPC)
  • 2014 XPC Arnold Classic – 4th 275 lb Class
  • PR Squat – 940lb; PR Bench 680lb; PR Deadlift – 672lb (competition PRs)

Joe is a member of Team Stone but moves around to different gyms depending on who he is assisting for meets.  He is also an APF/AAPF judge and has officiated at any number of federation meets.

Joe will be coaching Jose Garcia at the APF Senior Nationals on June 7, 2014.

^^Joe Atef at the Arnolds

^^Joe Atef Arnolds lifts from the back (what goes on behind the scenes)




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  1. I am so proud of Joe. He has captured the heart of my beautiful daughter and will be so happy to call him son.

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