A little about myself

A little about myself

Mar 13, 2013

What up Iron Authority!!! First I just want to say how pumped I am to be part of the IA Team.

Let me officially introduce myself. My name is Paul Felder. I currently live in Lebanon, Ohio. I am a 29 year old firefighter paramedic with the Liberty Township and Miami Valley Fire Departments. I also work as a life guard and cardio coach for Countryside Ymca at the Otterbein location.

But now the good stuff. I have been powerlifting for just over a year. I compete in the raw open 275 division for the usapl. During this time I have placed second at my second at my first meet, won the Ohio State Championships, and won the Ohio Invitational at the 2013 Arnold Classic. I have the current goals of placing in the top 5 at raw nationals and winning the Ohio State Championship again.

So that’s a bit about my background but I have plenty more to tell.

Tomorrow starts my new training going toward raw nationals. Its crazy but I am like a little kid on Christmas eve; I can’t wait to get back to training tomorrow. Its this crazy bug that has its power over me.

Going to be changing training up a bit, still following the RTS method but going into a high frequency volume cycle. I am shaking right now thinking about it!! I cant wait until I get off work in the morning so I can head to the Y and crush some iron.

The weight is a cure for my sickness!

More to follow.


IA All Day Baby!


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