A new year. Reflect and Refocus. Make goals not wishes.

A new year. Reflect and Refocus. Make goals not wishes.

Dec 31, 2013

It’s that time. You know when everyone does the best of 2013, or the New Year’s Resolution which most will fail within the first 2 months.

I will not being do that. I will be reflecting on 2013 and then refocusing on the upcoming 2014. The reflecting part parallels an article I did a while ago about what I do after a meet called C.R.E.A.T.E.  I feel a game plan is always necessary, regardless if the meet was good or bad. So this is the process I go through.

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Well 2013 was a great year. Started in Prague in Masters Bench Worlds where I went 2 for 3 (my miss was a passed attempt due to an inaccurate weight called for as an opener). I placed silver in the meet. I met an incredible group of athletes over in Europe. Very friendly and the language barrier did not prevent sportsmanship from prevailing. Being pulled up to the 1st place podium by the World champ from Japan and sharing it along with the 3rd place competitor was the best thing I been a part of in a contest.

Two weeks later I was in Masters 3 Lift Nationals in Orlando where I placed first in my age bracket and set the national bench record in a full meet. Didn’t get the World team spot(yet) because I was tied by the 93kg guy in the 45-49 age class. I find it difficult to train for a bench meet and a 3 lift meet so close. Worlds of course is a bigger stage and to me I had to be at my best because there is no guarantee I would get there again so I have to make the most of it. I haven’t pr my squat in over a year and hope to this year.

Next was bench nationals in Atlanta. My training went excellent because I trained only the bench since there was no full meets coming up so I was completely focused on the bench. Well it didn’t start off good. I got out of my groove was 551. I got 3 white lights BUT I was concerned. I THOUGHT my 2nd attempt was 562. I missed it at lock out and my whole game plan was shot. I was hoping for a pr and it didn’t look like it was happening. I was sick I missed 562 so I called for it for my 3rd attempt. After a couple of minutes I said “Screw it” if I am going to miss a weight it is going to be something I haven’t done. I had done 562 before and my best was 573 up to this meet. We changed it to 579. I went out focused and angry.Result, nailed it. I ended with a pr. Later I found out my 2nd attempt was 573 and not 562. Which made it even better but I believe missing 562 pissed me off more then missing 572 in my head would have.

5 days later I get a call to be on the master’s 3 lift World team. I accepted b ut concerned because I haven’t squatted over 400 lbs in month and a half. That night I went in the gymand started squatting heavy with gear. 32 days later  I was in Orlando. I went 9 for 9!!! Was 5-6 lbs off pr squat,bench, and dead BUT had a pr total!!! I placed 3rd and beat the guy who tied me in nationals by 55  lbs. In 3 world meets I am 19 for 20 with successful lifts!!!

So 2 national titles, second in Bench Worlds and third in 3 lift Worlds I have to say I am very happy. 2013 was a success. Picking up sponsors who helped me have better ,supplements, place to train, and gear also contributed.


Time to Refocus

Let’s now move on to 2014. The meets I will be doing this year will be Masters Worlds, Masters Nationals and bench nationals.  I plan on winning Masters nationals and NOT tying so then I can make the Masters World 3 lift team.

Our goals regardless what avenue of life are all similar. Some want to lose weight, others become successful, or achieve a personal goal that means something to them. However some people’s goals end up being wishes. Example a person who has been overweight for 10 yrs with no exercise program  decides they are going to drop 60 lbs is more of a wish then a goal. Why? They have no background in losing weight and exercising . To shoot to lose 60 lbs in the first attempt is doomed for failure. When they do fail chances are they will not try again. So not only did they fail now but they have failed for their future.

Let’s change the scenario by decreasing the weight . So instead of 60lbs they set a goal of 10lbs. After January maybe February they drop the weight and guess what? They now set ANOTHER goal of additional 10 lbs. Why? Well they were successful on attaining the first goal and now they are confident they can do it again. After doing it again they set a third goal. They feel like they can conquer anything.

What is my point? Make sure you make goals not wishes!!! If you want to make a wish go to a wishing well. Make short term goals to lead to an ultimate goal . If you set 4 goals and attain 3 of them  by the time you get to the 4th you will feel you can conquer it because you have momentum.  Do not set a goal that you can’t attain or control. Make yours attainable. You need to start with a snowflake to make a snowman.

My 2014 Competition Goals

  • Place Top 3 in Master Bench Worlds
  • Win Masters 3 lift Nationals
  • Win Master Bench Nationals
  • Place top 3 in Bench nationals open class
  • Make  Masters World 3 lift team
  • Place top 5 in Master World 3 lift if I make it.(Meet in is Europe and the classes are much deeper)

My lifting goals

  • Add 20 lbs to my squat and dead
  • Attempt 600 on the bench

My goals are realistic. I am not short changing myself BUT at 43 I need to be realistic otherwise I will fail more often and then frustration will lead to overtraining to try to attain ” wishes”.

I hope that 2014 will be productive year for myself and for you. If you are reading my articles you maybe incorporating some of my ideologies. I hope they work for you. You are never too old to learn something new, I know I am still learning

Train smarter and harder.

Have a happy new year!!!


Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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