A Quick Response #RoadToRecovery

A Quick Response #RoadToRecovery

Jun 14, 2013

935229_10201355447592100_698068575_nJust to clear something up. The injury I sustained in the gym was the result of an existing tear to my patellar tendon which was due to an incident not related to weightlifting or powerlifting. The accident was not the result of the act of powerlifting but actually due to the bad angle that I put my leg into when a piece of equipment I was using failed to function correctly. If I had turned funny carrying a laptop bag or landed funny while walking downstairs the same injury to my knee may have resulted.

Powerlifting has improved my hips, my knees, my feet, back problems, and other issues I had while extremely overweight. It has allowed me to lose weight, reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and represent the United States in athletics. All of which I had no idea I would be able to do in my mid-40s.

While a small minority have suggested that I quit powerlifting due to this accident, if anything my experiences over the past 2 1/2 years instead increase my drive to return to the sport stronger, more educated, and more enthusiastic than ever. It is my sincere belief just as what happened to me in 1997, after a fall off a roof in which I shattered my left ulna, my activities in weightlifting and powerlifting have instead allowed me to return to full health much faster that if I just lived on a couch.

In the meantime I have no illusions to the fact that periodically in the sport of powerlifting and similar sports that injuries can and do occur.

Also, something that has been very important in both my initial injury as well as the recovery for which I will just start, my friendships in business and in sports, as well as family and in a number of cases total strangers, their total support in both a fast return to health as well as to both work and my chosen sport have been awe-inspiring. Any negativity real or perceived has been negligible and generally ignored.

Surprisingly as well my doctors have been very enthusiastic in returning me to work and powerlifting in as quick and safe a manner as possible. This is been very different than my experiences in the past. Very few healthcare professionals that I am dealing with right now have had any negative comments or suggestions that I should leave the sport due to the positive benefits I have received.

Over the years I have known many athletes and professionals that have allowed injuries to redirect them away from their chosen lifestyle, including myself, only to regret it in later life. I have also known far more athletes and professionals that see injury as a new challenge to overcome. These people I have found to be far more courageous, stronger, and wiser as they progress in their chosen profession or sport. It is my expectation that I will follow, this time, in the footsteps of the latter.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support.


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