A Visit to Detroit Barbell

A Visit to Detroit Barbell

May 20, 2014


During a business trip to the Detroit area I made plans to visit Detroit Barbell to visit Tommy Westhoff and drop off a few signed copies of ‘Ernie Frantz’s Ten Commandments of Powerlifting’ for the now-famous Relentless Detroit meet.  You haven’t heard about Relentless Detroit?  Well, search it on Google, Facebook, just about any powerlifting eZine, or just wait for my article on Relentless coming soon!

Detroit Barbell is a private club located on 17608 Telegraph Rd, Romulus, MI (https://www.facebook.com/DetroitBarbellPowerlifting).  I ran into a little trouble finding it – it is located behind the building, so make sure to drive behind and take a right.


The team was squatting tonight with a number of other members, big, small and four-legged doing other training…



above – Tommy Westhoff mid-warmup squat.


There are two monolifts, which were both in action, a lot of weight, three weigh benches, dumbbells, safety rack, accessory equipment, solid bars, and plenty more for solid training.

Detroit Barbell is the team that coordinates Relentless Detroit along with a local church and a lot of selfless powerlifters who have continued to raise the bar in fundraising for children with terminal illness.

A great place to train with great lifters!  Remember, though, it is a powerlifting club, so the hours are based upon team training.  For information, contact Detroit Barbell through their website or Facebook!  http://www.detroitbarbell.net

Tommy Westhoff squat

Team Squatting (Drew ‘Tank’ Charles)



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  1. Jerome Tank Cook /

    Great place.was just there for the Dan Green Relentless Seminar on Sunday. Great things going.on this year For RELENTLESS.

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