A Visit to Monster Garage Again! Ego During the #RoadToRecovery

A Visit to Monster Garage Again!  Ego During the  #RoadToRecovery

Sep 22, 2013


(Above: Post Training Feeding Frenzy!)

The last time I visited the Monster Garage Gym in Gurnee, Illinois, I was limited to watching and operating the squat rack.  This time I let some of the guys know enough ahead that Erik Johnsen, Russ DiNero, Bensen ‘Nails,’ and Nick Strauss adjusted and worked bench.  It was pretty cool and stretched from 9am through until noon.  Eric Marosher, the owner, and I discussed pointers in squats with a female crossfitter.

Several key points came out during the discussion: 1. Ego – leave it at the door.  You are lifting to improve which sometimes requires steps backwards or a reset in order to progress.  Form is king and don’t worry about what the other guy (or gal) is doing; 2. Listen – if you are talking you are not learning; 3. Reading programs or books on lifting, even watching video, is not the same as direct instruction.  It takes many, many weeks of training and coaching to make significant gains; and, 4.  It does not matter how much experience you have – there are always improvements.  I enjoy listening to Eric discuss powerlifting – he is a true professional and really knows his stuff.  In general, my experience at this gym is ‘no drama,’ very accepting of new lifters and experienced visitors, and we just had plain fun.

Seeing as I was visiting today and my day job is getting in the way of my volume day on Monday, I moved the volume bench day back a day and adjusted my Friday heavy day.  Back, arms, and accessories were left until this upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday (Team Stone – Right-Fit, Willowbrook, Illinois):

Bench: 140×5, 190×4, 230×3, 280×2 – raw; 320×2 Ram; 390×2 (2bd), 420×1 (touch), 460×2 (3bd), hold 500 7 seconds – equipped, loose Viking.

Sunday (Monster Garage Gym, Gurnee, Illinois):

Bench (raw): 135×6; 185×5; 225×5; 275×3

Reverse Band Bench (Raw): 235×6; 285×6; 325×5; 375×3; 415×3; 465×2(Ram); 515×1(ish)(Viking Shirt)

Pyramid Bench (Raw): 225×5 touch, 1bd-4bd

For the next week I am continuing to work weight and volume leaving 3 weeks prior to the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress.

From the recovery standpoint, the thumb has been cleared and there is no more therapy.  The leg still has a few more months before I can put any weight on it other than performing body-weight squats.  I am continuing leg therapy.  I have been working on an article related to the recovery process and the type of repair performed.



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